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WebSafety, Inc. Chooses Rogers & Cowan as Agency of Record

Press Release Source: WebSafety Inc. On Monday August 9, 2010, 7:00 am EDT

LOS ANGELES, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rogers & Cowan has been selected by WebSafety Inc. (OTCBB:WBSI - News), the leading provider of mobile and Internet safety technologies, to manage public relations for the publically traded firm. The agency was selected for its expertise in media relations, strategic planning and profile across the consumer, enterprise, public sector and government landscapes. The announcement was made today by WebSafety, Inc. CEO, Rowland Day and Rogers & Cowan CEO, Tom Tardio.

WebSafety's suite of services, CellSafety and WebSafetyPC, provide a solution for parents who want to protect their children from unsafe cellular and online behaviors without spying on them. CellSafety alerts parents whenever certain dangerous words and phrases appear in their children's communication, which protects them from cyber-predators and bullies. The mobile software application also features expanded capabilities that are useful for parents as well as corporate, public sector and government employers to combat the dangerous and often deadly practice of texting- while-driving by locking a phone's ability to send or read text and email messages or utilize the phone web browser. WebSafetyPC offers the same protection as the mobile technology in order to defend against unlawful Internet behavior such as cyber predators, explicit or degrading messaging and cyber-bullying.

"The goal of WebSafety is to provide parents and employers with a viable solution to help manage the technologies that have entered into the family and work place," said Rowland Day, CEO of WebSafety, Inc. "The Rogers & Cowan team enthusiastically shares in our mission and was able to demonstrate a unique grasp of both our needs and the industry landscape that will help WebSafety build our brand as the leading provider of mobile phone and Internet family safety technologies."

Rogers & Cowan will implement a national media relations campaign to generate awareness for company news and developments that highlight how WebSafety is leading the charge to bring safety back to the rapidly developing digital and mobile world. The agency will also utilize its strong connections to align WebSafety withdecision makers across influential consumer groups, auto insurance and government agencies.

"Rogers & Cowan is proud to be representing WebSafety, a company committed to providing software solutions to address incidents of distracted driving and unlawful Internet behavior," stated Tardio. "We have built a seasoned team of professionals with a deep understanding of the online and mobile space and a robust roster of key industry relationships to build WebSafety's company profile and raise national awareness about the growing dangers of text-while-driving, cyber-predators and bullies."

Executive Vice President Sallie Olmsted will lead the campaign from the firm's Los Angles office along with Account Supervisor Amanda Bialek.

About Rogers & Cowan

Rogers & Cowan is the world's leading entertainment public relations and marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York and London. The agency designs and implements campaigns for entertainment clients, such as film production and distribution companies, cable and network TV programming, record labels, recording artists, celebrities and athletes, videogame publishers and distributors and digital media companies. Rogers & Cowan also creates integrated marketing solutions for consumer and technology brands seeking to build a connection with consumers through entertainment and lifestyle influences. Find out more atwww.rogersandcowan.com. Rogers & Cowan is a unit of the Interpublic Group of Companies.

About WebSafety, Inc.

Web Safety, Inc. is the leading provider of mobile and computer software solutions that help to prevent incidences of distracted driving as well as unlawful Internet behavior such as cyber predators, explicit or degrading texting and cyber-bullying. The mobile software works on the major wireless operating systems, including Android, Blackberry and Symbian system and on all four of the major wireless carriers. The Irving, Texas-based company is also the creator of the "National Wireless Highway Safety Network," which is driven to save lives. For more information, please visit www.mywebsafety.com.

Dallas Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament Endorses WebSafety's Suite of Mobile and Internet SafetyTechnologies

IRVING, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WebSafety, Inc. (OTCBB: WBSI - News) today announced the commencement of a marketing agreement with the Dallas Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament. Dallas Cup is a 31-year-old 501c-3 organization that is focused on the promotion of soccer and the strengthening of the family. Dallas Cup will distribute information related to WebSafety's suite of mobile phone and Internet family safety technologies to its large database of soccer clubs across the United States, as well as prominently displaying WebSafety information on the Dallas Cup website, www.dallascup.com.

WebSafety's suite of services, WebSafetyPC and CellSafety, allow for parents to protect their children without spying on them. WebSafetyPC alerts parents whenever certain dangerous words and phrases appear in their children's communication, which protects them from cyber-predators and bullies. CellSafety extends this capability to a child's cell phone. The software also combats the dangerous and deadly practice of texting while driving by locking a phone's ability to text in moving vehicles. Passengers can still get permission from parents to text. Parents can also ensure that their children can't use their phones to cheat in school by establishing "cell free" zones that utilize a phone's GPS functionality.

Travis Bond, WebSafety's COO, commented, "The Dallas Cup is a tremendous organization, sharing the values WebSafety has been built upon. WebSafety is proud to associate with an organization of this caliber and is excited to be working with Dallas Cup to protect children and families from the dangers of the online and cellular worlds. We firmly believe that, together, we can reach hundreds of thousands of households to provide solutions to the growing issues of texting while driving and cyber-bulling. We look forward to working with Dallas Cup to accomplish this worthy goal."

"All of us at the Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup are delighted to join forces with WebSafety, Inc. and aid in their excellent program to help protect the youth of today from the dangers of a rapidly developing digital and mobile world," said Gordon Jago, MBE and Executive Director of the Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup.

About WebSafety, Inc.:

WebSafety, Inc. is the leading provider of mobile and computer software solutions that help to prevent incidences of distracted driving as well as unlawful Internet behavior such as cyber predators, explicit or degrading texting and cyber-bullying. The mobile software works on the major wireless operating systems, including BlackBerry, Android and Symbian system and works on wireless phones on all four of the major wireless carriers, including Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The Irving, Texas-based company is also the creator of the "National Wireless Highway Safety Network," which is driven to save lives. For more information, please visit www.websafety.com.

About Dallas Cup:

Dallas Cup is the oldest international youth soccer tournament in the United States, celebrating its 31st year in 2010. Since its inception in 1980, Dallas Cup has played host to teams and referees from over 45 states, 100 countries and 6 continents. The tournament is held every spring from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

The 2011 tournament will be held April 17th through 24th, 2011 at the Pizza Hut Park Stadium and Complex in Frisco, TX and the Richland College Complex in Dallas, TX. The annual tournament attracts over 160,000 spectators.

Sponsors for Dallas Cup include Dr. Pepper, Nike, The Dallas Morning News, GMC, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Baylor SportsCare and many others.

Executive Team - Put a face to the name!

  • Rowland W. Day II

    Chief Executive Officer

    Co-manages day-to-day operations with a focus on growth strategies, financial needs, marketing and sales. His nearly three decades of business experience representing large multi-national and young growth companies as a corporate lawyer and developing successful business strategies will enable WebSafety to provide the most comprehensive technology- driven solutions to help parents and employers actively manage usage of the Internet and mobile devices that have entered into the family and workplace; a first round investor, founder, director or officer in many companies including: FarWest Ventures, HDL Communications, Hythiam, Bikers Dream, Clearant, Predictive Systems, TechTeam Global, Inc. and Xcorporeal; currently a director of Restaurants on the Run, RE3WWorldWide and ROI Healthcare; member of the State Bar of California. Mr. Day is a seasoned investor and experienced corporate executive.

    Travis C. Bond

    Chief Operating Officer

    Responsible for co-managing day-to-day operations and forging strategic business relationships; has more than 10 years' experience managing the design and implementation of software applications plus direct sales, marketing and general operations experience with technology-driven products. Former CEO of management consulting company focused on helping young companies successfully navigate the start-up process.

    Keith Miller

    Interim CTO

    Keith Miller has more than 14 years of object-oriented software development experience across industries ranging from wireless communications to consumer foods; held software and systems engineering positions at companies including Perot Systems, Frito-Lay, and AVIDwireless; provided consulting services to firms such asTexas Instruments andMCIWorldCom; in 2006 he moved into the mobile application development arena, focusing on BlackBerry-related projects prior to expanding to the Android platform; has demonstrated strong leadership in selecting the best technologies for his projects.


  • Two Concerned parents
    Christine Lowe

    We started using WebSafety in October of 2010. In December, a sexting alert was sent to my phone, I checked the alert and was beside myself to what I was reading. My 16 year old daughter's boyfriend was pressuring her to have sex. I was truly amazed at my daughter's responses and so proud that she stuck to her values. He used every typical phrase that teenage boys have been using for centuries: "It will bring us closer together", "We can take this big step together", "Our other friends are doing it"! I did not confront my daughter, but this alert did allow me to have a few causal conversations over the next week or two with her about social pressures of teenagers.

    She had been a little moody that week and this alert alerted us to why and, without her knowing it, gave us the ability to be in her corner with a little extra support. Would she have wanted to know that I read each and every word? No. What I like about WebSafety is that it allows us to read what we need to read and still gives her privacy. It also allowed us to have a conversation with the boyfriend's father to alert him to what his son was doing, so I feel it helped that family, too.

    Tish Troutman

    We have three young girls and would not allow them online or on a cell phone without Web and Cell Safety, period. We are even more thankful, now that we have seen some of the alerts that have come through.

    We have had numerous occasions where the alerts have helped our family and other children in our community.

    I call it a "window to their world". We have had a suicide alert from a friend who was using my daughter's phone and I was able to alert her mom. Another friend was hiding in her closet at home crying because a boy called her fat. I was able to have her come to my home and console her and she eventually told her mom.

    We have had bully alerts that allowed me to know exactly what was being said and who sent it to my girls. We also use the geo zone alerts to tell me when the kids leave our hometown.

    I love the texting and driving feature & the speeding feature, too. When the girls are in a moving vehicle, they love that I can just unlock them for riding as a passenger remotely.

    On more than one occasion, I have received alerts regarding "meet up" events that my kids were cooking up. As well as, boyfriends who were trying to go on a "real date".

    The software is priceless in every sense of the word. We protect our material possessions with alarms, why would we not protect our most valuable loveā€¦our children?

    Sean Graham

    "My wife and I are soon expecting our first child, and CellSafety is helping us stay connected without having to talk as well as providing us with peace of mind. How? I use the "virtual fence" feature for all of my off-site meetings so that my wife knows the second I arrive at my location, and again when I am getting close to home. Knowing when I am arriving home a few minutes beforehand makes my wife feel better, and during this stressful time, we really appreciate the peace of CellSafety brings us."
    Customer since 2/10

    Eddie Zito

    I introduced my girlfriend to WebSafety since she has a teenager. Immediately, there was benefits because her son was going to an inappropriate chat room. That situation lead to a conversion and the issue was resolved. The teenager actually said to me that he likes having WebSafety on his computer because he now understands that his mom is trying to keep him safe. However, the biggest benefit came when another parent accused my girlfriend's 13 year son of cyber bullying her child. My girlfriend was asked to attend a meeting with the Principal, Vice Principal, school counselors, and security. She was informed that Cyber bullying rules have changed in school, which could lead to suspension or expulsion. The Principal informed my girlfriend that her son was being accused cyber bullying and another mom said that my girlfriend had no idea what her son was doing on the computer. Her response was, "I know exactly what goes on with my child's computer because I have WebSafety". She continued, "I am aware of the situation and I told my son of cut off communications with the other child weeks ago. In fact, the other child was the one doing all the cyber bullying and now is trying to get to get my son kicked out school". She told the Principal that she could simply print out all the danger alerts and prove what she was saying was the truth and the other parent needs to back off and start becoming aware of what her child does on the computer.

    The Principal was very interested in the WebSafety technology and kept asking more and more about the software. That lead to the Principal offering WebSafety to the entire school as a fundraising program. The Principal felt if parents had this software, it would make a great impact on the Cyber Bullying issues that schools face today.

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