Finding Canada's Next Mine

Regal Project Discovery of 11.10m of 143.29 g/t Silver including 0.55m of 2612.0 g/t

Message: Affinity Metals: Two Videos Worth Your Time

Lawrence Lepard, joins Stansberry Research's Daniela Cambone in one of the most enlightening interviews of recent memory. 

"Inflation is just roasting people," from gas to food prices, "and sadly it's going to get worse," warns Lawrence Lepard, Equity Management Associates Founder, and Managing Partner. "The Fed can't print goods and services like they can print dollars."

He concludes that in order to protect your money today, investors need to be in, "sound money assets,".

Stansberry Research
Affinity Metals presents our Regal Polymetallic project video. 

The Regal's historic work, past drill programs and blue-sky future, have us circling back to the reasons we liked it at the time of acquisition. 

Past production of:
Silver ✅
Lead ✅
Zinc ✅
Gold ✅
Tin ✅
Tungsten ✅

Since that time, we have ran two successful drill programs discovering two new high grade zones in the Allco Region that warrant continued exploration.

We encourage our shareholders to watch and share our video presentation on the Regal project.
Affinity Metals (TSXV:AFF)


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