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Amazon Mining Holding PLC Profile

Verde Potash is a mineral exploration and development company founded by Brazilians in 2005. The company is focused on the development of Cerrado Verde project. Cerrado Verde is source of a potash rich rock from which Verde Potash plans to produce a slow-release, non-chloride, multi-nutrient, fertilizer product.

- Deposit area of 100km by 6km
- Significant domestic market for potash
- Potash product uniquely suited for Brazil: free of "salts" and slow release
- CVRD land surrounds NPK
- ArcelorMittal funding field tests (eucalyptus); 2 year/15% offtake agreement
- Agrifirma funding field tests (corn, soy, etc.); 2 year/15% offtake agreement
- Tight share structure
- Approximately $17MM cash in the treasury

Share Structure (details)
Shares O/S: 34,511,284
Warrants: n/a (7.65MM wts expired unexercised on 11/21/09)
Options: 2,327,000
Shares FD: 36,838,284

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