Treaty Creek A World Class Gold Deposit

27.3M Oz Gold Equivalent Discovery in BC’s Golden Triangle

Message: American Creek: Golden Triangle is the West’s Solution To Its Copper Supply Dilemma
Eyes Turning to the Golden Triangle Article
An article was republished at last Friday with the title above.  It discusses what Pierre Lassonde pointed out in an interview we sent you a couple of weeks ago.

As you know, the Goldstorm deposit has 1.426 billion lbs of copper and 133.98Moz silver in addition to the gold so far (haven't found the deposit limits yet), while the Perfectstorm, Eureka, and NE Anomaly zones have similar potential for gold, silver, and copper.  

This new article expands on Pierre’s comments concerning the metal required to fulfill the goals and ambitions for renewable energy, the Green New Deal, Build Back Better, the BRI (China's Belt, Road Initiative), and more.  The primary metal needed for these initiatives is copper, and there isn't enough in the world to meet demands being placed on economies by governments.  
The author looks to the Golden Triangle as a critical area the West can help solve its copper supply dilemma.  To quote the article:

“Nobody therefore can argue that the Sulphurets doesn’t rank as among the monster porphyry gold system in the world.  Interesting fact: The Sulphurets Hydrothermal System is effectively the porphyry system that generated the KSM, Ironcap, Treaty Creek and Brucejack.  

The current resources of KSM, Treaty, Snowfield and Brucejack are: 199Moz gold, 730Moz silver and 51B pounds copper in a 20 km circle representing one of the greatest concentrations of metal values on the planet.” 

“The Golden Triangle has a world-class metal endowment. It has 220 million ounces of gold and 93 billion pounds of copper and very significant silver and molybdenum.  Combined, they represent a total potential value of US $0.7 trillion.  Only three percent has actually been mined.” Bram van Staaten, senior minerals geologist, BCGS, February 2021.  

*According to, the Golden Triangle contains a total known endowment of 1,662,390,000 ounces silver and 3,320,866 pounds of molybdenum, with the gold and copper numbers concurring with the totals above.

We invite you to read this article and feel free to pass it along to friends and family.
"Buy the gold equities until it hurts because they are the best value that you can find right now in the market. Period."

“If you ask me what metal I would own for the next 30 years, it’s copper and gold, and the best deposit you can find in the entire world will be a copper/gold deposit with a 50-year life.  That is going to be simply a mint…to just mint money!”
                                                                            -Pierre Lassonde
                                                                                  Oct. 22, 2021 
Pierre Interview

The Treaty Creek project is a Joint Venture with the operator being Tudor Gold, and American Creek holding a 20% carried interest until production notice is given.

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