Treaty Creek Ranked As One Of The Top Ten Gold Deposits Globally

Indicated Mineral Resource of 23.37 Million Ounces of Gold Equivalent

Message: American Creek: “What The Hell Is This Gold Worth?”
$5 – trading for $2,000!  It’s gotta be worth more than $5! 
Industry legend and major shareholder in Tudor and American Creek, Eric Sprott provides commentary on the current metals markets and highlights top investment opportunities. On the short list is our own Treaty Creek at the 14:00 minute mark. You can fast forward and start the video at 12:00 and get a bulk of Eric's insights, but the whole interview is very illuminating. 

"You're probably buying the gold in the ground for five dollars US, trades for 2000. It's got to be worth more than five! Imagine if the price went to $3,000 or $4,000 or $5,000.  What the hell is this gold worth? "
“One of the things that I kind of favour these days, or look more closely at, have been a little involved with, is some of these very large low-grade deposits where, like they have a one gram (per tonne) deposit and you know your cost is 80 cents on the dollar, you know you’re making 20 cents, but now the price of gold goes from $2,000 to $2,500, I mean your profitability just went up by 250%!  Cause it’s all profit from $2,000 to $2,500. In fact it was all profit probably from $1,600 to $2,000 is all profit.  So things just explode!"

Treaty Creek JV Partnership

American Creek is a proud partner in the Treaty Creek Project.

The project is a Joint Venture with Tudor Gold owning 3/5th and acting as operator. American Creek and Teuton Resources each have a 1/5th interest in the project creating a 3:1 ownership relationship between Tudor Gold and American Creek.

American Creek and Teuton hold fully carried 20% interests, which means no development costs are incurred by these companies until a production notice is issued. This gives shareholders a unique opportunity, to avoid the dilutive effects of exploration while maintaining their full 20% exposure to one of the world's most exciting mega deposits.


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