Treaty Creek Ranked As One Of The Top Ten Gold Deposits Globally

Indicated Mineral Resource of 23.37 Million Ounces of Gold Equivalent

Message: Feature: American Creek - 20% Owners of 30 Million Gold Equivalent Ounces

Gold has always been a precious metal that has captivated the attention of investors and traders alike. Its scarcity, intrinsic value, and historical significance have made it a safe haven asset that can protect investors' wealth during times of economic and political uncertainty. In recent years, the price of gold has been steadily rising, and it recently approached $2,000 per ounce. This is a significant milestone, and it has a profound impact on companies that have gold as a resource.


Firstly, for actual mining companies the rise in the price leads to higher revenues for gold mining companies. As the price of gold increases, the margins of gold mining companies improve, resulting in higher profits. This provides these companies with more financial resources to reinvest in exploration and development, which can lead to the discovery of new gold deposits. This can also lead to an increase in production, which in turn can lead to increased profits and revenues. Thus, the ascent of gold to $2000 per ounce can impact gold mining companies exponentially better. They also develop larger cash reserves, fuelling M&A activity toward the back end of cycles as they replace reserves for balance sheet purposes.


Companies that hold gold as a reserve asset can also benefit significantly from the rise in gold prices and this is where American Creek comes into play with their 20% ownership of the Treaty Creek project that is carried until a production notice is given.

Or, 20% of 30 Million gold equivalent ounces at 1 gram per ton is 6 million ounces.


As the price of gold increases, the value of the gold resource also increase. This improves the company's fundamental position and enables it to weather economic downturns more effectively. With American Creek, their 20% is covered from all costs until a production notice is given. That means they experience all the upside of increasing resources without having to incur the dilutive cost of exploration. It is a win win for shareholders.


Tudor, the operator of Treaty Creek just released an updated mineral resource estimate for Treaty Creek and it is a very large number. 30 Million ounces in the Indicated and inferred of 1 gram per ton of gold equivalent, and stil growing in all directions. This does not take into account that American Creek is equally covered for any future discoveries on the property, and these too will aid in underpinning value for shareholders.


As the price of gold continues to increase and eclipse the $2000 threshold, the value of American Creek's ownership will only become more valuable. Prior to this updated estimate, the deposit ranked as one of the Ten largest gold deposits in the world. With the substantial improvement in grade, the Treaty Creek project is immediately comparable to Canada's two largest producing mines. As development and drilling continue, the deposit and ounces will only increase.  American Creeks value in the deposit will continue to increase, leveraged to a rising gold price and protected from the costs of exploration.


The rise in the price of gold to $2000 per ounce will have a profound impact on companies that have gold as a resource, in this case, increasing the inventory value of the massive Treaty Creek Deposit as it continues to grow and attract interest from major mining entities.


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