Focus on minerals needed in the Steel manufacturing industry

I.O.C.G. Target in B.C.; Artillery Peak Manganese in Arizona; Niobium & Manganese in B.C.

American Manganese Inc Profile

is a diversified exploration and development company focusing on minerals needed in the Steel manufacturing industry. Aggressive growth recently in it's property portfolio has poised Rocher Deboule to capitalize on the rising price for commodities tied to Steel, making the company an attractive target for steel companies.

The company is led by President and CEO Larry Reaugh, who has 42 years experience in the mining industry, is credited with several producing mines and has raised more than $60 million for mining exploration and development.


  • IOCG - a newly-recognized deposit type with huge potential, evidenced by examples like Olympic Dam (reserves of 650 million tonnes)
    - Rocher Deboule Property in British Columbia
  • Manganese - 302% price increase since end of 2006, reflecting growing market demand and supply scarcity
    - Artillery Peak Manganese Property in Arizona - largest known manganese reserve in USA
    - 3 Manganese Properties in B.C.
  • Niobium - rising demand in its use in steel alloys, niobium is also finding its way into widespread component manufacture in electronics
    - Brent & Lonnie Niobium Properties in B.C.
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