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Oil & Gas: CO2 Separation Complex Technology & Live Tissue Connectâ„¢ Technologies

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CSMG Technologies, Inc, Corpus Christi, OTC BB: CTGI

Oil & Gas: CO2 Separation Complex Technology

CSMG has an exclusive agency agreement with "SUMY-FRUNZE Machine-Building Science and Production Association of Ukraine" for the United States, Canada and Mexico. FRUNZE, a 106-year-old ISO 9001 heavy industrial equipment manufacturing company specializes in equipment for the oil, gas and chemical industries, employs approximately 20,000 people, and regularly secures both ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and API (American Petroleum Institute) certifications on its products

FRUNZE already manufactures for CSMG the CSMG-proprietary "CO2 Separation Complex Technology" for purification of landfill methane gas. The new agency agreement covers a range of equipment, equipment planning, technical design and service equipment including:

  • Equipment for oil and gas production and processing
  • Equipment for chemical and refinery plants
  • Compressors
  • Pumps for power stations and general industrial use
  • Landfill system

Live Tissue Connect™ Technologies

We are very pleased to report a number of extremely positive developments regarding subsidiary Live Tissue Connect (LTC), in response to a number of calls from shareholders regarding progress since beginning the U.S. LTC surgical device commercialization process two years ago.

Parent Company
CSMG Technologies, Inc.
500 N. Shoreline, Ste. 1005
Corpus Christi, TX 78471
Phone: (361) 887-7546
Fax: (361) 884-0792

Live Tissue Connect Technologies
7200 Hollister Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Phone: (805) 961-4800
Fax: (805) 961-4466

CSMG Technologies Updates Shareholders on Key Developments, Including Recent U.S. FDA and European CE Mark Clearance for Live Tissue Connect Surgical Device, Targets Initial Sales

In February 2007 we reported moving forward on developing the Live Tissue Connect commercial electrogenerator and instruments. We started to organize the LTC U.S. infrastructure, interview executive personnel and prepared to file for U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance and European CE Mark certification.

Since then we have achieved and completed a number of very key developments and implemented proactive strategies, including the following major milestones:

  • Hired internationally recognized and highly experienced medical industry expert as president of LTC Technologies division.
  • Hired an outstanding staff of dedicated key design and software engineers, regulatory staff, marketing executives and support staff.
  • Opened LTC offices in Goleta, CA (Santa Barbara).
  • Added a medical advisory board of internationally recognized surgeons.
  • Developed a relationship with Stellartech one of the leading designers of electrosurgey generators to design and manufacture our VAD 400 electrosurgery generator for commercial distribution.
  • Contracted with Ventrex to manufacture our LTC disposable instruments.
  • Purchased assets and hired key design engineers and regulatory experts from ViR a well-known instrument design company; LTC now has its own in-house disposable instrumentation design capability.
  • Added a technical advisory board of leading medical device engineers and experts.
  • Presented papers at three international medical conferences.
  • We have 31 issued or pending patents worldwide.
  • We have identified and completed in Ukraine over 80 surgical procedures that the LTC technology can perform, and the Ukraine surgeons have performed over 10,000 human surgeries in Ukraine hospitals using the prototype technology.
  • Developed our LTC electrosurgery generator and two instruments, and importantly, have a pipeline of several new instruments in development.
  • LTC has received its ISO 13485:2003 certification for the design and manufacture of Bipolar Forceps Systems.
  • In July received U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for the LTC VAD 400 electrosurgery generator and two instruments.
  • Last month, we received CE Mark certification for the VAD 400 and instruments.
  • Established six divisions in LTC, each being positioned for license and distribution opportunities. These divisions are: General/GYN- Colon Rectal- Pulmonary- Arthroscopy- Urology- Aesthetics
  • Currently building inventories and negotiating with distributors so LTC can enter the commercial markets in January 2009

Since July 2006 we have received and invested over $7 million in Live Tissue Connect, raised by our investment banker, Jessup & Lamont Securities Corporation.

We believe the LTC tissue-welding technology has the ability to revolutionize the $3.5 billion a year surgical procedure market.

We believe, based upon the above milestones, CSMG International (OTCBB: CTGI - News) is at a major turning point in terms of revenue generation and corporate expansion.

Live Tissue Connect™ Technologies 7200 Hollister Avenue • Santa Barbara, CA 93117

LTC has been granted an exclusive license to this technology through an assignment from its parent CSMG Technologies, Inc.

In 1993, on the initiative of Ukraine Academician Boris E. Paton, a group of employees of the Paton EW Institute together with the surgeons of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine carried out experiments which proved the feasibility of welding a variety of soft tissues using high frequency bipolar electricity.

In 1996, Consortium Service Management Group, Inc., CSMG Technologies, Inc. located in Corpus Christi, Texas began working with the Paton Institute to further the research surrounding tissue welding and to commercialize a host of tissue welding instruments for use in surgery.

Since 1996, over 10,000 human surgical procedures have been performed in Eastern Europe, in a variety of surgical applications. This experience forms the foundation of LTC’s technology today and continues to guide our development efforts.

To facilitate these commercialization efforts, in 2007 CSMG established a medical device company based in Santa Barbara, California, Live Tissue Connect Technologies.

LTC is currently marketing the BioFuse generator and forceps in the United States and to over 30 countries throughout Europe for vessel sealing up to 7 mm in diameter. This reflects LTC’s commitment to be a global organization with worldwide distribution.

LTC has been granted an exclusive license to this technology through an assignment from its parent CSMG Technologies, Inc. for all countries except those of the former Soviet Union. LTC currently holds a total of 16 patents and 15 patent applications pending worldwide relating to the LTC Bipolar System, including 12 patents and patent applications in the United States and 19 in other countries, including Russia, Japan, Australia, Ukraine, the European Union, Canada, India and China.

We are a physician focused company dedicated to the development of specialized 3rd Generation bipolar devices. Consistent with this focus we have established 6 divisions focusing on procedure specific product designs.

Live Tissue Connect’s Divisions:

        • General Surgery & Gynecology Medical Group
        • Orthopaedic Tissue Sciences
        • Colorectal Connection Management
        • Pulmonary Sealing Sciences
        • Urologic Tissue Welding
        • Aesthetic Tissue Welding

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