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Comcam Inc. Profile

ComCam develops and leads the way for innovative remote network devices and services, how they are used, shared, managed and re-deployed throughout numerous divergent industries

The Need

Individuals, corporations, and government agencies need to better harness rapid deployable video and sensors. The need extends to lowering costs of these systems, improving performance for collaboration, and further empowering the way we use and data mine these extended cyber human functions.

The Solution

ComCam works in the industry as both a network solution innovator and a provider of fusion technology for legacy security products to modern networks. We have experience with our products on the battlefield as well as in residential settings.

Our intellectual capital includes patents and a library of hardware and software proprietary technology as implemented through the sale or licensing of 1) intelligent camera and MicorServer devices; 2) a suite of software and software toolkits for command & control, mobile display, and storage/data management; and 3) specialized "Intelligent Video Analysis" software applications of biometrics, sensors, motion detection/tracking, access control, and other functions.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights

ComCam™ software and hardware is copyrighted, developed in-house, and licensed to customers. The Company currently holds two patents:

No. US 6,975,220 B1, "Internet Based Security, Fire and Emergency Identification and Communication System,"

No. US 7,302,481 B1, "Methods and Apparatus Providing Remote Monitoring of Security and Video Systems,"

ComCam is celebrating its tenth year in business. ComCam introduced the world's first digital wireless 802.11x camera / management systems in 2000, with many features still unmatched in price, performance and functionality.

ComCam builds channel partnerships with systems integrators, camera manufactures, sensor manufacturers and network operators of all size. We have done some work directly for the Department of Defense and various Navy and Army divisions, which use ComCam products for tactical systems and research for land, air, and undersea applications.

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