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Effective solutions to manage mission-critical information

Critical Control Solutions Profile

CriticalControl Solutions Corp. Calgary, AB TSX.V : CCZ

CriticalControl provides effective solutions to manage mission-critical information, helping our customers achieve maximum business value.

Take Critical Control

Our philosophy is to provide SOLUTIONS that enable our customers to do their WORK better through the use of technology and to provide the tools to control mission critical information.

Organizations all operate with a wide range of business processes, manage specialized information, deal with volumes of documents and are dependent on the technology systems they have in place. We recognize that all of these are interrelated and that every company will have a unique and dynamic blend of all areas. To this end and to lend a simple, yet concrete structure to our philosophy, our solutions can be defined as:

Business Process CONTROL

The expert consultation required to examine how an organization manages its work in order to determine the best technology and process solution.

Information CONTROL

The software applications and services that are tools to gather, monitor, store, evaluate, manipulate, interpret and otherwise manage how myriads of data constantly change, interrelate with each other and impact a business.

Document CONTROL

The discipline of managing documents and records grows in importance as their volumes increase in today’s business environment.

Technology CONTROL

The expertise to design, supply and maintain the hardware, operating systems and mainstream software solutions that are so necessary to business today that they are considered as much a utility as phones and electricity.

Energy – Oil & Gas

CriticalControl provides data processing and information management to the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry. At CriticalControl, we offer total production data solutions. The management of critical information enables CriticalControl clients to manage daily operations and create monthly revenue, royalty and regulatory statements. CriticalControl products and services allow clients to effectively manage all of their critical production measurement data with a single suite of products. No other service provider has an offering as comprehensive.


CriticalControl understands that governments are complex organizations operating under intense public scrutiny. Communicating effectively with the public is a significant challenge, involving information exchange between every department with the public interest. CriticalControl is here to help governments bring information under control and manage it cost-effectively. We offer solutions to information management challenges in the following areas:

• Real Property Solutions
Our professionals provide the state-of-the-art CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) software currently in use in numerous government agencies.

• Imaging
Taking paper-based information and converting it to electronic or microfilm formats, to simplify its storage, retrieval and dissemination

• Document Management
Assisting governments in defining, procuring and implementing document management automation solutions

• Business Architecture Modeling
Working with governments to undertake challenging organizational changes, where the definition of the solution requires multiple interest groups and multiple user needs

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