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Crystallex International Corporation is a Canadian-based gold company with a successful record of developing and operating gold mines in Venezuela and elsewhere in South America

Message: How to Receive Court Documents

Hello long suffering holders of CRY stock. Just a question for those with more in the know. Years ago i was involved in a company that was delisted and went bankrupt. Years of litigation and a portion of the award settlement went to common shareholders after debt holders were paid. I did not have to write to the court explaining my grievences against the company or let the court know i was a shareholder.Its all on file with our brokers.Every shareholder,thousands of them were paid an amount depending of the amount of shares held.Question. Why are we,the thousands of shareholders being told we should be writing the court.You cant just pay a handful of shareholders because they are more proactive then someone who isnt following these chat boards.Maybe im wrong but that to me doesnt make sense. Thanks


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