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The Darnley Bay Magnetic and Gravity Anomaly

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The Company has a qualified team, established contacts and working arrangements with experts in planning, developing, production and project management and will consult with these and others during exploration, development and production. Management believes that the Company’s holdings can host world-class mineral deposits, which could be the site of future major mining operations. Also, just as the Sudbury Basin in the 20th century was host to the world’s largest production of nickel, the 21st century could well belong to the ISR.
The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of the Northwest Territories, Honours and Awards Committee chose Darnley Bay Resources Limited to receive the Professional Award of Merit for the year 2001.
Management has also engaged geophysical, geological, environmental and engineering consultants to gather and analyze the available geoscience data concerning the project. They will be used for further consultations as the project progresses.


Leon F. La Prairie, B.Sc., P. Eng., Chairman and Director
Leon has over 50 years’ experience in mine management, financing, marketing and corporate structuring. He has worked extensively in the Arctic and has carried out project management with majors including Noranda Mines Limited, Falconbridge Nickel Mines and INCO Limited. He is also a Director and Chairman of Peat Resources Limited.

Stephen W. Reford, B.A.Sc., P. Eng., President & CEO, Director
Stephen W. Reford has been appointed President and CEO of the Company. He is Vice President of Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited (Consulting Geophysicists, Toronto, Ontario) and has consulted on the Darnley Bay Anomaly since the mid-90’s. He has been a practicing geophysicist since 1981.

Patricia G. Mannard, B.A. (Hons), CFO, Corporate Secretary and Director
Since 1987, has been involved in the junior resource sector as an administrator and accounting manager. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree from the University of Guelph (1986). She is also a director, the CFO and Corporate Secretary of Peat Resources Limited.

John S. Dowsett, B.Sc., P. Eng., Director
John is a former Director of Exploration for INCO Limited. His experience includes mine management in Mexico and mineral exploration in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Malawi, Mexico, South Africa, United States and Zimbabwe as well as hydrocarbon exploration in Guatemala and Botswana.

Peter G. Telford, B.Sc., Ph.D., Director
Peter has thirty years of geological experience. He was formerly a manager for Ontario Peat Resource Inventory, Energy Resources Programme, and Ontario Geological Survey. He is also President, CEO and Director of Peat Resources Limited.

Don Yamkowy, Director
Don is the Director for the Northwest Territories (NT) on the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (6 years), President of the NT Chamber of Commerce (four terms), Former General Manager and a Vice President of Northwest Tel Inc. Don is the Company's NT representative whose duties include negotiations with contractors, project suppliers, permitting and reporting.

Greg O’Halloran, B.A., Vice President, Corporate Development
Greg has been involved in the raising of capital funds for more than eight years in both the private and public sectors. He also undertakes the duties of IR at Darnley Bay and is a former Major League Baseball player with the Florida Marlins.


Terence J. Bottrill, B.Sc., P.Eng.
Terence is a senior minerals consultant to a variety of international companies with expertise in management and feasibility studies. He is also a Professor of Geology at the University of Toronto

George R. Kent, B.A. Ed., M.Sc., P. Eng.
George is a former professor at the University of Toronto and has worked in several professional capacities for more than 45 years. He has worked for Noranda Explorations Ltd, Dresser Industries, Conwest Explorations Ltd. and the United Nations.

Peter C. Hubacheck, P.Geol.,(APEGGA)
Peter has worked as a consultant to the Darnley Bay project since 1991 (mineral and hydrocarbon potential). He is consulting on exploration methods for the project.

Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited
Consulting Geophysicists Toronto, Ontario.

Brian H. King
Formerly Chief Geologist, Anglo American PLC - Hampshire, England.

Andrew C. Rickaby, B.Sc.
Former Vice President of Mining Operations and Environment for Denison Mines Ltd. Andrew has forty years operations and management experience within the mining industry. He is also a director of Peat Resources Limited, and has served two terms as Chair of The Ontario Mining Association.

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