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Gold-copper: Clifton-GoldHill, Great Basin, Utah – Diamonds: Attawapiskat On – Precious Metals: SBH Property, Alberta

Dumont Nickel Profile

Dumont is a Canadian corporation listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Its affairs are directed by management who are substantial shareholders, and its technical team of mineral industry professionals bring to it a proven track record of finding deposits and managing large projects. All of Dumont's properties are under active exploration

DUMONT recently acquired a series of mineral properties in Alberta and Saskatchewan to pursue exploration and development of near-surface metal enriched black shales over a vast, 3,356 square kilometer (336,536 ha), land position.

The black shales are locally enriched in Molybdenum, Nickel, Uranium, Vanadium, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Silver and Gold.

Alberta SBH Property

IN ALBERTA, an aggregate of approximately 2,444 square kilometers (244,408 ha) were acquired, all of which area is underlain by the targeted black shales. This contiguous Property is located approximately 120 kilometers north of Fort McMurray, and is held 100% by DUMONT under Metallic and Industrial Mineral Permits. DUMONT concluded acquisition of the SBH Property in July, 2008, and has not yet conducted exploration work on it.

Based on extensive regional oil/gas drilling public databases, all of DUMONT’s Property is underlain by the targeted black shales which are part of the flat-lying layer-cake arrangement of sedimentary formations of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

Of interest to DUMONT, are two flat-lying near-surface shale units which are beneath the surface across all of DUMONT’s Property, and which carry elevated organic carbon locally accompanied by enrichment in Mo-Ni-U-V-Zn-Cu-Co-Ag and Gold. These are, the Second White Speckled Shale and the Shaftesbury Formation, both of which are mid-Cretaceous Formations which outcrop in river valleys across the eastern parts of the Property, but are elsewhere under up to 150m of overburden cover.

James Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada

DUMONT is at the forefront of the emerging new diamond camp in the Attawapiskat region, in the James Bay Lowlands, Ontario, with a 36 square kilometer land position being explored under Option by companies under the direction of Mr.Charles Fipke, at no cost to DUMONT.

DUMONT controls one of the most prospective land positions in the Attawapiskat diamond play, in the James Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada, adjacent to De Beers’ Victor diamond Project which is advancing toward production with resources of 28.5 million tonnes of kimberlite ore containing 6 million carats of diamond valued at approximately $100 per tonne.

DUMONT's Attawapiskat Property currently comprises 36 square kilometers held under 22 claims registered to DUMONT since 2001 (previously 91 square kilometers). It is located in the same structural corridor which hosts the De Beers kimberlites, and other kimberlites to date discovered in the region.

Historic Mining Camp

Clifton-GoldHill Mining District, Great Basin, Utah, USA

Dumont is Operator of the Utah Joint Venture,controlling a 10.3 square mile land position acrossthe historic Clifton-GoldHill gold-copper-silver Mining District.

Dumont’s focus is on the search for large tonnage bulk mineable gold and gold-copper deposits which can be rapidly advanced,

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