Targeting multi-million high-grade oz. in Quebec

Windfall Lake Property, located near Val d'Or, Quebec: Indicated 538,000 oz. (10.05 gpt) / Inferred 822,000 oz. (8.76 gpt) (July 2012)

Message: Consolidated but no good news

Here we go again, the sp will gradually fall, the number of outstanding shares will slowly increase, and they will soon be back close to where they started before consolidation. Good old case of" Finnegan begin again ", unless the winter drilling proves fruitfull. In that case I agree with you MERJR, why did they not just release the drill results, watch the sp rise, then decide to consolidate. Their post consolidation sp would have been upwards to a dollar, which would have given them an sp with a much long desent back down before losing investment interest and succumbing to the inevitable need for increasing outstanding shares once again, in search for the much needed funding for Windfall Lake.

As Arnold S. said in Terminator One, " I'll be back". But in my case that won't be any time too soon, at least not until they fall a little farther; a given IMO.


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