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G4G Resources Ltd Profile

G4G Resources Ltd. is a Canadian-based company with projects in iron ore, iron production and alternative fuels. Building strategic partnerships is key to the company’s development.

Brazil is a key target region, with G4G having a strategic partnership with Crusader do Brasil Mineracao Ltda., under which the companies are working together to acquire iron ore fines in Brazil as feedstock for the production of saleable iron units.

For the production of iron, G4G has an agreement with Iron Mineral Beneficiation Services (Pty) Ltd (IMBS) to utilize FinesmeltTM technology, a process which converts iron ore fines into high quality iron units.

Alternative fuels is another key area of development, with G4G having an MOU with University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (“Wits”) to commercialize the syngas to liquids production process that has been developed by Wits’ Centre of Materials and Process Synthesis (COMPS). The process is a new generation application of Fischer Tropsch technology. This initiative is being developed by Alternative Fuels Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of G4G.

Encompassing both iron ore and alternative fuels, G4G has an agreement which will allow the company to acquire a majority interest in Magnetite Holdings, which holds iron ore assets in Namibia. The properties in Namibia are slated to produce a chemical grade iron catalyst for sale to coal, gas and biomass converters using the Fischer Tropsch process to produce ultra-clean diesel and gasoline.

G4G holds minerals properties near Port Alberni, Vancouver Island. Previous exploration, including diamond drilling and geophysics, has identified Cu, Au, Ag and Mo mineralisation.

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