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Global Railway Industries Ltd. is a diversified rail product company serving the railway industry in North America.

Global Railway Industries Profile

Global Railway Industries Ltd. was founded on 1997 with the goal of becoming a full service supplier of railway maintenance equipment. Since 1998, the company has established itself through aggressive growth by acquisition and consolidation. At present, Global’s products are offered through three high-quality rail service operations - Bach-Simpson Corporation, G&B Specialties, Inc, and Prime Railway Services. The Company has approximately one hundred and seventy-five employees and a diverse base of customers throughout North America, with the majority of its operations located in the United States.

More recently the Company has signed a binding Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire substantially all of the net working capital, land, building, plant equipment and machinery, and other intangible assets of Canada Allied Diesel Co. Ltd., and its affiliated companies, CAD Railway Services Inc., Engine System Development Centre Inc. and Lachine Rail Center Inc. ("CAD"), located in Lachine, Quebec. Canada Allied Diesel Co. Ltd. is an international seller of new and refurbished locomotive engines and parts.CAD Railway Services Inc. is an international refurbisher of locomotives and rail cars. Engine System Development Centre Inc. provides locomotive emission testing and engine diagnostic services. Lachine Rail Center Inc. holds title to the CAD land and building.

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