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Message: Gen 2 purity

Hi Deslug1,

The short answer is, yes to Purity test Results, and maybe for scaling up test results.

Since the restart of our Gen2 in July, we have done a limited number of tests, and they were done to test specific operational parameters.  As these tests are true R&D tests, only if of one of these exceed our best results to date, will we issue a release.

While we are now moving toward Gen3 work, we will always have some testing to do with our Gen2 reactor.

Gen1 testing and Gen2 testing are miles apart in scope and goals to be reached, so it is normal that we are not communicating them in the same fashion.

I usually abstain from commenting on market actions, but I  must say that I have been surprised by the selling pressure that has been building since the August 13 news. 

I just cannot understand why people are selling out now after we resolve the biggest systemic risk related to our project and after institutional and strategic partners have chosen to invest at a significant premium to market.

We made a conscious choice not to waste time and money on marketing and promotions activities before closing the financing, as the financing had become the key issue in investors mind.

Now that this behind us, we are going back out there to market the story. 

The macro environment for us to present our story his very good,  demand for green renewable energy is big and his only getting bigger, unfortunately, the present "weed" stories are taking a lot of the market attention, but that too will pass.



Bernard Tourillon   







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