Developing Processes For The Low-Cost Manufacturing Of High Purity Silicon Metals For Next-Generation Lithium-ion Batteries

Received First Order for Spherical Nano Silicon Material from Major Automobile Manufacturer

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HPQ Gen1 Nano Silicon Reactor Exceeds Phase 1 Production Rate Target By 67%

Gen1 PUREVAP TM NSiR test bed , is a batch process system with an originally targeted design output production rate of 30 kg/month of nano silicon powders.

The Gen1 NSiR recently achieved a production rate equivalent to 50 kg/month of nano powders, a result that exceeded the design output by 67%. The significance of this is twofold:

  1. Expectation of greater throughput than originally planned for the commercial tests,
  2. Expectation of reduced unit costs and production costs as a result of increased throughput.

HPQ NANO Reaches Major Milestones With Gen 1 Nano Silicon Reactor Operational

  • Phase 1 of the PUREVAP TM Nano Silicon Reactor (“NSiR”) development program has reached the commissioning stage, with the Gen1 PUREVAP TM NSiR now ready to start producing Silicon nano materials.
  • “The announcement today is indeed a major milestone and we are proud at having played a key role in this accomplishment. We are all extremely excited to have the Nano Reactor up and running, on schedule and on budget, particularly during these trying times.” said P. Peter Pascali CEO and Chairman of PyroGenesis Canada Inc.
  • Despite strong research and massive investment in Silicon material for batteries , current manufacturing processes are simply not scalable or commercially viable.
  • With a capability of producing tailor made silicon materials within a wide range (from < 0.20 µm up to 5 µm), the PUREVAP TM NSiR represents a game changing leap forward in resolving the issues of commercial viability and scalability.

HPQ NANO Receives First Order for Spherical Nano Silicon Material from Major Automobile Manufacturer

  • The major automobile manufacturer that demonstrated an interest in the Spherical Nano Silicon powders to be produced by the PUREVAP TM Nano Silicon Reactor (“NSiR ”) ( Sept. 30 2020 release ) has submitted to HPQ NANO a formal Purchase Order for the material
  • This represents HPQ NANO first ever nanopowders order 
  • Manufacturer is well aware that HPQ NANO will only fulfill this first order in December 2020 and, as such, this order is simply a way for them to guarantee to be first in queue for the material

HPQ NANO Receives Request for Spherical Nano Silicon Material From Major Automobile Manufacturer; First Pre-Order Expected Soon

  • Received a request for Spherical Nano Silicon powders to be produced by the PUREVAP™ Nano Silicon Reactor from a major automobile manufacturer
  • When concluded, will represent the first order for these powders
  • The manufacturer is well aware that HPQ NANO will only fulfill this first order in December 2020 and, as such, this pre-order is simply a way for them to guarantee to be first in queue for this material
  • The automobile manufacture’s name shall remain anonymous for competitive and confidential reasons


In collaboration with world class technology partners:

HPQ building a portfolio of unique high value specialty silicon products.

PUREVAPTM “Quartz Reduction Reactors” (QRR) with PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (TSX-V: PYR)

  • Will permit the one step transformation of quartz (SiO2) into high purity silicon (Si) at reduced costs, energy input, and carbon footprint
  • HPQ believes it will become the lowest cost (Capex and Opex) producer of silicon (Si) and high purity silicon metal (3N – 4N Si) 

PUREVAPTM Nano Silicon Reactor (NSiR) with PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (TSX-V: PYR)

  • New proprietary process that can use different purities of silicon (Si) as feedstock, to make spherical silicon nanopowders and nanowires;
  • HPQ believes it can also become the lowest cost manufacturer of spherical Si nanopowders and silicon-based composites needed by manufacturers of next-generation lithium-ion batteries;
  • During the coming months, spherical Si nanopowders and nanowires silicon-based composite samples requested by industry participants and research institutions’ will be produced using PUREVAPTM SiNR.

Commercially porous silicon (Si) wafers and porous silicon (Si) powders with Apollon Solar of France

  • Use their patented process and develop a capability to produce commercially porous silicon (Si) wafers and porous silicon (Si) powders;
  • Collaboration will allow HPQ to become the lowest cost producer of porous silicon wafers for all-solid -state batteries and porous silicon powders for Li-ion batteries;
  • Develop the hydrogen generation potential of Silicon nanopowders for usage with the GennaoTM system;
  • Commercialize, exclusively in Canada, and non-exclusive in the U.S.A., the GennaoTM H2 system and the chemical powders required for the hydrolysis production of Hydrogen

HPQ Receives its First Mini-Generator Set Based on Clean Hydrogen Produced by Simply Combining Water and a Powder Bag

Tesla To Revolutionize Use Of Silicon In Batteries: Slash Costs, Increases Range




HPQ – Fast Tracking Silicon Metal Innovation!

  • Lab scale and proof of concept tests already completed
  • Fully funded pilot plant and testing program



  • One of today’s key strategic minerals (EU Commission - US DOJ)
  • Needed for Renewable Energy Transition
  • Does not exist naturally in its pure state
    • Expensive Carbothermic process needed to extract it from Quartz (SiO2)
    • Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust
  • Silicon Demand ~ 3.8 Million MT worth ~ US$ 10 Billion by 2025 (CRU)
  • Silicon Demand growth to be driven by the chemical sector (2N) & EV


Demand Outlook

Standard Silicon Metal Demand (98.5 to 99.5% SI purity) going from:

  • 2.8 Million MT Demand worth US$ 7.5 Billion in 2018
  • To ~ 3.8 Million MT Demand worth US$ 12 Billion in 2023
  • Projected Increase Driven by Chemical Sector (2N+ Si) and EV Growth







Billions pouring into R&D and Gigafactories

  • Impact on raw Battery Materials demand massive
  • Presently Graphite, a low energy density material is the principal ingredient in Lithium-ion Batteries



For further information contact

Bernard J. Tourillon, Chairman and CEO Tel (514) 907-1011
Patrick Levasseur, President and COO Tel: (514) 262-9239

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