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BREAKING: Hollister Biosciences Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Venom Extracts With $16.4 Million In Revenue And $2.48 Million EBITDA


  • Venom is one of Arizona’s premier extract brands and one of the state’s largest producers of award-winning medical cannabis distillate and related products
  • Venom reported having generated CDN$ 16.4 million in revenue and CDN$ 2.48 million in EBIDTA from its product line of Cannabis Concentrates, P.H.O Concentrates and Cartridges

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Message: Re: Beauce PP Update?

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the follow up.

You mentioned that you have done presentations to groups of people in the last weeks. If possible, can you give us more details on who are these groups and who will you visit in Abitibi? 

Are these public presentations, or private ones to promote the BGF PP?

Finally, is it possible to make that new presentation available on HPQ website?

Thanks for the info!


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