Developing Processes For The Low-Cost Manufacturing Of High Purity Silicon Metals For Next-Generation Lithium-ion Batteries

Received Request for 4N Silicon Material Samples from a World Leading High-Performance Materials Company

Message: Manganese / Nickel / Silicon

 I also like this tidbit about Canada....

Geography: Canada’s potential

Over the past 20 years, the highest patent activity for improvements to, or new battery chemistries was registered in Japan with over 14,000 applications, the US with over 6,700, Korea with over 6,500, and China with about 1,400. However, other countries seem to be emerging and could point to potential growth for battery companies. 

“We have already seen a boom of gigafactory announcements in Germany driven by Tesla, CATL and others, but in the top list we also see Canada,” the whitepaper reads. “Canada has a great potential for developing battery production facilities given its resource production capacities. Recently the Canadian government announced plans to build an electric vehicle battery plant.”

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