Developing Processes For The Low-Cost Manufacturing Of High Purity Silicon Metals For Next-Generation Lithium-ion Batteries

Received Request for 4N Silicon Material Samples from a World Leading High-Performance Materials Company

Message: Re: HPQ Silicon GEN3 PUREVAP™ QRR: The Pilot Plant Has Started To Process Material

It's all about value. Once (and very shortly) the novel reactor proves it will revolutionize silicon production, the value will skyrocket without even 1 speck and or sphere sold. The customers who signed ndas and who are proactively chasing Bernand etc etc at that point will say what "no thank you we don't want your golden silicon anymore". I'm not worried about delays or sales. Once the reactor proves itself everything else is easy including the easy rise in stock price. 

Do you see the value in that? 

When Bernard says "QRR fully operational 24/7 producing high purity silicon cheaper and Greener. HPQ moving to commercialize scale"

If you cannot acknowledge this I don't understand why you're on the forum. Acknowledge simply this. Don't move into another tangent. 

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