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Inmet Mining Profile

Our strategy is to grow responsibly as a base metal mining company, providing superior returns to shareholders. This simple yet
comprehensive strategy has delivered excellent results for our shareholders.

1. Long-term responsible growth

We are focused on increasing our copper reserves in a disciplined way. We plan to increase our reserves by moving ahead with our existing development projects, increasing our exploration activities around the world and making new acquisitions as opportunities arise. At the same time, we manage our balance sheet conservatively to make sure we can finance our growth regardless of market conditions.

We are committed to continually improving our performance as a responsible corporate citizen while creating shareholder value. Having safe workplaces, co-operating with people in the communities where we operate and adhering to high environmental standards are all important to our future.

2. Superior returns

Providing superior returns to our shareholders is a key part of our strategy. We focus on operating effectively, assessing and managing risk to make sure we meet or exceed our production targets, controlling our costs and developing our human resources. These activities strengthen our long-term returns relative to our peers.

3. Base metal mining

Our business model focuses on base metals, primarily copper, which we believe is a very attractive business in light of the significant growth in demand for copper. As populations and industries grow, so does the demand for copper. The pace of industrialization in China and India and other countries like Brazil, Russia and Turkey, is expected to keep global demand for copper and other base metals high for at least the next decade.

The supply of new copper production is expected to come mainly from large deposits. Developing them successfully will require significant investment and resources to deal with lengthy permitting and challenging community engagement processes. This could limit the rate of growth in copper production to meet rising demand. Although this would bode very well for the price of copper in future, it also presents challenges for our growth as the competition for new growth opportunities is expected to increase as fewer companies are chasing fewer and more expensive opportunities.

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