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Message: Welcome to the JBII faithful.

I am used to there no being a JBII blog over here and I am too busy to bother with all the tripe over on the other, dishonest, blog but yesterday, while looking at another stock I track on Agora, I checked JBII on a whim and I discovered that, finally.... JBII on Agora.


Now, I am a long time holder of JBII but even I am puzzled over what is an is not true. I hate the nonsense "over there", so I will choose (over there) to NOT ask questions lest I feed the liars and hate purveyors. However, in that this is a fresh and good thing over here, would somebody (or somebodies) please clear up a few things for me?

1. I had it in mind that the spate of ridiculous lawsuits was over, but then that Florida guy (the former NYSE company exec whose name evades my recalling it right now, LOL) filed some kind of action. Would somebody (or somebodies) please detail for me what that involves, what the alleged "infraction" is, and what the situation is as of this moment? Is it a serious threat? If so why? If not, why not?. I think the info on the other site is so crappy that figuring this out by reading backwards over there is a waste of time for anyone. So... summary of present situation... PLEASE?!?

2. What is the skinny on the threat of that whale over control of the board of directors? I frankly do not even begin to understand what is going on with that? What in the ever loving blue skied universe is going on with the terms of the "deal" he apparently had hold of JBII via? What is it, in simplified terms & how does the logic (or lack thereof) work ?

3. I am a systems analyst by trade and a programmer by profession, in addition to day trading. What I need to do are hear intelligent voices weighing in on an analysis of the threatening whale, what he is up to, what COULD happen worst case and why? What COULD happen best case, and why? I just don't grasp this "threatening whale" problem at all. Can someone please explain it to me?

And finally, I want to say one thing about the purported dangerous dillution that some claim is the share position right now. Look people, I'm an old hand with mall OTC stocks, which I look at as a category I call "Story Stocks" in my trading system. JBII is not even close to being one of those companies that dilutes by share issuance. Anyone who has lived thru stocks like Spooz would laugh out loud at all the hand wringing going on at the alleged dilution going on in JBII. Dilution? Ridiculous. This stock is marked by a very well controlled share issuance growth pattern. In fact, what they have done is encouraging, compared to any of thousands of paper mills that print shares like they were the Federal fiat currency meisters at the Federal Reserve. Dilution at JBII? Compared to what?!?! Laughable, IMHO.

So, regarding my questions above, somebody please illuminate me. I'm just lost in the tripe that pollutes that other site, and a clear and honest picture (good & bad, please) would be very, very welcome.


JBII long from a long way back,

Imperial Whazoo

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