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COVID-19 Detection Technology Receives Positive Lab Results for Live COVID-19 Testing

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Kontrol BioCloud a Safe Space Technology

Financial Highlights

  • Revenues for the second quarter of 2021 were $4.2 million, an increase of 83% from the same quarter in the prior year
  • Revenues for the six months ended June 30, 2021 , were $7.5 million , up 49% over the same period in the prior year

Kontrol BioCloud completes successful pilots, adds new distribution partner

Successful pilot with Rowing Canada Aviron

  • Completed a successful pilot using multiple BioCloud units in various training locations.
  • Data from the BioCloud operation mirrored the independent PCR testing completed over the duration of the pilot.

Middle East Pilot

  • Following initial delays due to previously announced supply chain issues, Kontrol BioCloud commenced its operational pilot in the Middle East.
  • To date BioCloud has sampled ambient air exposed to by more than 300 individuals in a medical screening facility. Current progress of the pilot has demonstrated successful collection of human RNA through real-time air sampling and monitoring applications.  
  • Independent PCR testing provided through the pilot partner has validated the samples collected. 
  • Kontrol is working with its pilot partner in the region to gain access to a Covid hospice or hospital for the next phase of the pilot.  


Canadian Hospital Pilot

  • Kontrol BioCloud will launch its first large Canadian hospital pilot in Q2, 2021 and provide an update following the completion of the pilot.

New Distribution

  • Recently added a new distribution partner in India on a non-exclusive basis. 
  • The Company continues to focus on adding quality distribution partners to grow its global distribution platform.

U.S. Lease Financing

  • Company has commenced discussions for a similar U.S. based lease financing program for BioCloud sales in the U.S.

Monthly Viral Detection as a service versus Capex

  • BioCloud distributors have expressed the interest in providing customers with a choice of an initial purchase versus an ongoing monthly payment.
  • With a small initial deposit and a monthly payment of approximately $200 customers will have a flexible financing solution to add Kontrol BioCloud to their business and operations.
  • At the end of the finance term customers will have a nominal buy-out. 

Data and technology advancements

  • Each BioCloud unit in operation logs thousands of data points daily in real-time.
  • Through this data collection and monitoring Kontrol has been able to design advancements to the BioCloud technology.
  • These advancements are considered fine-tuning and adaptive without requiring hardware changes.  
  • An important advancement was achieved by fine tuning laser optics and new a new chemical bonding formulation.
  • Based on laboratory testing, the new chemical bonding formulation has shown an increase of up to 10 times greater resolution than was previously capable.   




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Kontrol’s COVID-19 Technology Receives Positive Lab Results for Live COVID-19 Testing

  • Received positive lab results for BioCloud testing against the live virus that causes COVID-19
  • This positive result follows two successful tests against the dormant SARS-CoV-2 virus

This technology can improve our surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 by monitoring air quality in
multiple settings

Dr. Jimmy D. Dikeakos, Ph.D

This technology will allow for measurement of many different viruses, bacteria, and fungi beyond the immediate need for the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Dr. David Heinrichs, Ph.D

Kontrol Receives Approval for Government Grant to Accelerate the Development of New COVID-19 Testing Technology

  • Announced that it has received approval for an initial government grant of $50,000 from the National Research Council of Canada to accelerate its new Covid-19 testing technology, the Kontrol BioCloud® analyzer
  • Developing a new technology designed to detect and alert for COVID-19, in real-time, through rapid on-site air sampling and detection of aerosol and droplet encapsulated viruses in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Kontrol has developed its initial prototype and has commenced lab testing of the detection chamber
  • The lab will spend the next 4 weeks testing the detection chamber and the applicable interactions with COVID-19

If Google NEST is the leader in smart home technology, Kontrol Technologies is the small cap leader in smart building technology

  • Established Blue Chip Customer Base includes:
    • Beyond Meat
    • Oxford Properties
    • Brookfield Asset Management
    • Telus
    • Suncor Energy
    • ….. Many More
  •  Signed Major Deal With Toyota (Tsusho Canada)
    • Targeting 200 Plants Requiring Up To $1 Million Each In Automation Retrofits MOU With Global European HVAC OEM
  • Strong Revenue Growth and Recurring

Established Bluechip Customer Base 


Making buildings Smarter …. in real-time.

Kontrol Energy has a simple business model: reduce its customers’ overall energy costs while providing a corresponding reduction in GHG emissions.



Case Study - Toyota Tsusho Canada

  • Toyota Tsusho is the trading arm of the Toyota Group that operates a diverse set of businesses that span industrial, commercial, and consumer sector
  • The Toyota Tsusho joint venture has a large pipeline of 200 facilities
  • Each facility could be worth an average of $150,000 of recurring revenue annually, representing approximately a $30 million pipeline of recurring revenue for Kontrol in one geography – North America.
  • To date, the joint venture has projects underway in 5 facilities and is targeting 100 facilities by 2023

Case Study - Beyond Meat Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND) 

  • In January 2020, Kontrol Energy announced an initial US$150,000 order to provide Beyond Meat with a real-time analyzer and associated installation and monitoring services to assist in the rapid evaluation, measurement and validation of quality control of their patties and Improving manufacturing of final product
  • Purpose of the solution is to improve operations and lower operating costs
  • Beyond Meat contract represented a new market vertical with one of the world leading companies in food processing industry
  • The Kontrol advantage - Lower price point with lower intrusion.  No wiring.


  • Buildings contribute up to 40% of annual GHG emissions  (Green House Gases)
  • Emissions legislation is forcing building owners to reduce GHG
  • Kontrol Energy reduces energy waste + GHG emissions
  • Combined, energy waste and GHG emissions represent an annual addressable market of:
    • $100 Billion - North America
    • $700 Billion - Global
  • Globally these problems scale the addressable market to about US $700 billion.






Consider some of the following forecasts:

 A)  Smart Building market to grow from US $43.64 billion in 2018 to US $109.48 billion by 2026, a 12.6% CAGR - Fortune Business Insights

B)  Global smart building market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~15.3% from 2019 to 2026 and reach over US $160 billion of market value by 2026 – Acumen Research and Consulting

C)  Global smart building market was valued at around US $5,800 million in 2016 and is expected to reach about US$ 61,900 million by 2024 – Zion Market Research


Strategic Objective is to build $100 million + in revenues over next three years for eventual exit  



MOST BUILDINGS HAVE NO INTELLIGENCE - Leads to Energy and Emissions waste of $100 Billion annually


INTELLIGENCE IN REAL-TIME -  How? Proprietary and patented Internet of Things (IOT), Cloud and SaaS

Kontrol Energy has three high margin revenue streams:

  • SaaS
    • SaaS revenue is predictable, recurring and generally provides high margins
  • Services
    • Service revenue is also recurring revenue.
  • Automation/Retrofit.
    • Revenue results from projects that upgrade building energy efficiency, decrease energy demand, and/or reduce GHGs





  • Can integrate with any legacy Building Automation System quickly and easily
  • Proprietary gateway device that Kontrol utilizes in conjunction with SmartSite® to access data from over 15 different communication protocols
  • SmartMax® is housed on-premises either virtualized or standalone
  • The device scans the network for devices that it can communicate with and provides a connection to SmartSite® to publish the data to our cloud infrastructure

Smart Lan Network

  • Once the installation is complete, a smart network is created
  • Many more capabilities can be added in the future once the network is deployed
  • A sensor can be placed on almost anything

SmartSite® : Cloud

  • Data is collected, channelled through the building’s existing internet connection, and transferred to the cloud where it is analyzed and managed in real time in our SmartSite® platform
  • A building energy software technology designed to assist in the operation and management of:

    • Complex heating, ventilation, and cooling systems for factories,
    • Large multi-residential, commercial, and mission critical buildings.

Through comparison and analysis to over 20 Billion data points spanning more than 200 buildings, Kontrol can quickly identify inefficiencies, savings, and mission critical risk.

SmartSite® operates as a SaaS platform and is highly scalable.

SmartSite® capabilities:

Fast installation (typically 1 hour or less)

  • Immediate access to energy data
  • Secure export to Kontrol’s energy management system in the cloud
  • Interoperability across building automation systems and HVAC equipment
  • Immediate visibility into energy demand and consumption

The SmartSite® platform is the basis for the strategic partnership with Toyota Tsusho to develop Smart Factory solutions and services.

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