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Message: Is Mobio Is Going To Be The AGORACOM Of The Celebrity World?

I'm starting to like LX Ventures more and more everyday. The business model is easy to understand and should be easy to understand for all AGORACOM members.

Just as AGORACOM was the first (and still only) community to connect investors directly with management, Mobio will be the community to connect fans directly with celebrities.

You might ask "How does Mobio differ from Twitter?". The difference is immense. First of all and most importantly, Celebrities can monetize their traffic and following far better than Twitter. Second, Mobio was built specifically for this purpose, so it will provide celebrities and fans with a far better experience. These are the 2 factors that significantly contributed to AGORACOM success.

Execution is going to be the key. If Mobio can do a great job for early celebrities that are signing on, we should see a massive shift to Mobio, much the same as the shift in public companies moving to AGORACOM.

This is going to be very interesting and potentially explosive.



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