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Cannabis Sales in US Expected To Be More Than $40 Billion By 2020

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  • Announces Joint Venture in Canada with Global Hemp Group READ MORE
  • Announced a $5 Million Fixed Funding Commitment READ MORE
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  • Finalized Joint Venture Agreement With Bougainville Ventures in Washington State READ MORE 
  • Completed PCOAB Audit READ MORE

The company's current and future endeavors with the recent passing of the 2018 Farm Bill on December 20 after an 87 to 13 majority vote in the Senate and a 369 to 47 majority vote in the House and final approval by President Trump.

  • Beginning of 2019 boasts an expectational opportunity for the hemp industry generally
  • The industrial hemp plant and its extracts, including Cannabidiol (CBD), containing less than 0.3 percent of THC, will be removed from its shadowy label as a Schedule 1 Drug and will be made a legal commodity to cultivate and distribute throughout the United States, subject to farmers' compliance with provisions of the Farm Bill, associated federal regulations, associated state regulations and licensing. READ MORE


MCOA is aggressively building a portfolio of investments and joint ventures that represent the highest integrity and professionalism in the legal cannabis markets.



  • Combining high end herbal wellness ingredients with cannabinoids and terpenes to create optimally formulated wellness products for health conscious consumers.


  • Developed Club Harmoneous to deliver all of the benefits of cannabis to consumers conveniently and discreetly through an affiliate referral program similar to hempSMART


  • Committed one million dollars in funding to Bougainville Ventures to construct and manage a turnkey state of the art cultivation and processing facility in Oroville, Washington.


  • MCOA is committed to raising $1.5 million dollars to fund joint venture operations. This joint venture is for the purpose of cultivation, processing and distribution of legal cannabis within the state of California. GRC has successfully managed multiple legally compliant cultivation projects in multiple states, with their expertise we can expect state of the art facilities that produce high returns.


  • MoneyTrac provides all aspects of financial technology including E-Wallet and mobile apps services for businesses and companies in various “high-risk” industries.



  • Growth in the cannabis industry has been building momentum for more than 5 years. Overwhelming public support is helping fuel exponential growth.
  • Consumers are able to access factual information regarding cannabis, they are less likely to believe the baseless propaganda that is spewed by the opponents of legalization.
  • Dr. Gupta, CNN’s Chief Correspondent, said that he now believes that cannabis does in fact help people.
  • Comments generated significant media coverage around the world. He has since doubled down with a second and third follow up documentaries on cannabis.
  • Recreational marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington State could top half a billion dollars;
  • The recreational market is expected to continue growing rapidly as more states legalize cannabis, reaching approximately $4.2 billion in 2018;
  • Ancillary industries and companies (those that do not touch the plant) generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually, in additional revenues and will continue to expand alongside cannabis sales;
  • Combined recreational cannabis sales could total an estimated $40-$45 billion, if cannabis is legalized across the United States.

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