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4th largest gold producing area in the world

Message: Brent Cook article

Brent Cook article

posted on Jan 29, 2009 03:47AM

You also follow Miranda Gold Corp. (TSX.V:MAD), correct?

BC:Right. They’re a Nevada-focused group similar to AuEx. They follow the joint venture model, where they generate ideas and then get someone with money to come in and spend money on it while they’re carried through the high-risk exploration. Smart, smart business model, particularly in Nevada, where you’re usually drilling hundreds of meters blind looking for a deposit. These guys are intelligent enough to know that the only deposits of interest are mega deposits, so they focus their explorations on the major gold trends in Nevada that produce deposits of 2, 5, 10, 20 million ounces. Technically they’re amongst the best, if not the best in Nevada. I like what they’re doing. I own the stock.

TGR: You say technically they’re amongst the best. Are you talking about their geology team?

BC: Yes. For sure.

TGR: And they’re looking for mega deposits?

BC: Yes, they’re looking for mega deposits that someone will buy or at least carry their costs through based on the joint venture arrangement. Just as an aside, in my opinion, I have no interest in anyone looking for small deposits or developing a small deposit. Everyone says they’re looking for something big. In reality, the geologic setting or environment that most companies are working is not conducive to mega deposits.

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