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Newstrike is a gold-silver focused exploration and development company, targeting known and historic mining districts in Mexico.

Newstrike Capital Inc. Management

Richard O'C. Whittall

Director, President and CEO

Richard O'C. Whittall – Director, President and CEO
Mr. Whittall is a seasoned investment banker based in Vancouver, British Columbia. His background includes serving as a past director of Miranda Mining Corp, the first junior company to promote and develop the Guerrero Gold belt, from 1995 until its sale to Wheaton River Minerals (Goldcorp) in 2003. Mr. Whittall has participated in a diverse range of corporate activities, including mergers and acquisitions and corporate financings. Most recently Mr. Whittall co-founded Aurea Mining Inc, acting as its president and CEO until its merger in 2008 with Newstrike Capital, part of The Lundin Group. He currently serves as a director of several public and private companies, and holds degrees from the University of British Columbia and University of Cambridge.

Gillian Kearvell

Vice President Exploration

Gillian Kearvell - Vice President Exploration
Ms. Kearvell is a geologist (BSc) with 25 year's exploration experience working with both junior and senior companies throughout North America, including 16 years in Mexico. Ms. Kearvell was most recently Vice President of Corporate Development for Newstrike’s predecessor company, Aurea Mining. Previous to that, in several increasing management roles for Teck Exploration, she co-discovered the San Nicolas VMS deposit in Zacatecas and led Teck’s exploration team responsible for the El Limon gold discovery. Ms. Kearvell is President of Minera GMK, a Mexican based exploration company.

Salvador Miranda

Chief Financial Officer

Salvador Miranda - Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Miranda is President of InterAmerica Consulting & Development Inc., a private business consulting company he founded in 1995 to develop business ventures between Canada and Mexico. Mr. Miranda's functions include all financial, administrative and accounting aspects, including preparation and supervision of filings. He has also served as director, officer or consultant for several companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange since 1997, and brings extensive public market experience to the Company. A civil engineer by training, Mr. Miranda holds a Master's degree in Project Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Craig Gibson

Consultant – Field Operations

Dr. Craig Gibson – Consultant – Field Operations
Mr. Gibson, Ph.D., Msc, CPG, a qualified person under NI43-01 with more than 20 years of experience as a professional exploration and economic geologist for large and small companies in Latin America, including Minera Nor Peru S.A. (ASARCO), Cyprus Minerals, Teck Resources, Kennecott Exploration, Echo Bay Exploration, Kalahari Resources, Hochschild and Minefinders, Ltd. He co-founded EXMIN Resources, acting as VP Exploration until its sale to Diabras Exploration in 2009. Dr. Gibson holds extensive professional experience managing project operations from startup through development. His track record includes participating in exploration programs that have resulted in several major discoveries in Mexico, including Paredones Amarillos, in Baja California Sur and Dolores, in Chihuahua. He most recently founded ProDeMin (Prospeccion y Desarrollos Mineros del Norte), an exploration services company providing project operations and QA-QC oversight.

Dr. David E. Euresti-Reyna

President - Minera Aurea S.A. de C.V.

Dr. David E. Euresti-Reyna - President - Minera Aurea S.A. de C.V.
Dr. Euresti has over 41 years experience in State and Privately-owned Mexican mining companies, such as Cananea, Autlán, Real de Angeles, Real del Monte (Managing Director), Macocozac, Química Fluor, Zincamex, and Lampazos among others. Dr Euresti has a Ph.D. in Mineral Economics from Penn State University, and has a Metallurgic and Mining Engineering degree from the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. Most recently, Dr. Euresti served as COO of Aurea Mining Inc and is currently the President of Newstrike Capitals 100% Mexican subsidiary, Minera Aurea. Dr. Euresti is an original founder of the Guerrero Gold belt, credited with the Nukay, Filos and Limon discoveries.

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