Niagara Ventures Corporation(Blu-Dot Beverages)

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Niagara Ventures Corporation Profile

The Blu-Dot transaction was completed on December 5th, 2014, pursuant to the terms and conditions of a share purchase agreement dated November 24, 2014 entered into between the Corporation and the shareholders of Blu-Dot. All required and relevant disclosures with respect to the closing of this Qualifying Transaction on December 5, 2014 have been filed and are available on SEDAR. With this transaction Niagara Ventures Corporation (NVC) has enabled its longer term strategy as a North American based consumer packaged goods company focused on healthy and better for you consumer beverage and food products. NVC believes that by acquiring and building a portfolio of on trend brands and products, that operational, brand and marketing synergies will enable investee companies the opportunity to grow smarter, faster, more profitably and, with the right risk profile.

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