NI 43-101 Update (September 2012): 11.1 Mt @ 1.68% Ni, 0.87% Cu, 0.89 gpt Pt and 3.09 gpt Pd and 0.18 gpt Au (Proven & Probable Reserves) / 8.9 Mt @ 1.10% Ni, 1.14% Cu, 1.16 gpt Pt and 3.49 gpt Pd and 0.30 gpt Au (Inferred Resource)

Message: Big Board??

I view something is up. Too much news after a longer period of silence. In the end it is going to happen. With the Liberals or te Conservatives. With RCF or without. If you just take the amount of wolrd inhabitants at 7 Billion and you look at the speed of increased pollution as per capita since 2007, an EA for a road to Esker Camp is a bit of a laugh all together, it's relatively unwearthy of long discussion. That's political if it takes longer.

The reason why I view something is up is that Chromite is the first raw material this world is running out of. Extremely fast. In a decade or so Bushveld is as good as empty. We all know by now, a decade is nothing. It's not about the Nickel, it's about the Chromite. Has been said over and over again. The world is running out of Chromite...... so pressure is on, it is no longer a local issue for FN and or one Party's program. Who pays for the allowances of high costs of living in a wealthy nation as Canada. It's the economy (stupid). Call it the Trump effect, has always been there, he is just hammering it down.

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