NI 43-101 Update (September 2012): 11.1 Mt @ 1.68% Ni, 0.87% Cu, 0.89 gpt Pt and 3.09 gpt Pd and 0.18 gpt Au (Proven & Probable Reserves) / 8.9 Mt @ 1.10% Ni, 1.14% Cu, 1.16 gpt Pt and 3.49 gpt Pd and 0.30 gpt Au (Inferred Resource)

Noront Resources Photo Gallery
Old fwr claim pic 2
Old FWR Claim Map Pic # 2(now part of Blue Jay)
Old fwr claim pic 1
Old FWR Claim Map Pic # 1 (now part of Blue Jay)
Img00139 20130727 0652
From Hole # 27
Table a.2.5 %e2%80%93 electricity generation by fuel terawatts per hour twh
Table A.2.5 – Electricity generation by fuel, terawatts per hour (TWh)
X section of metallurgical study
X Section of Metallurgical Study id #57
Metallurgical study plan map
Metallurgical Study Plan Map id #56
2011 drill targets
2011 regional target map. id #55
Drilling to date up to nov 2010
Drilling update NOV 2010 id # 54
Enriched footwall pge mineralization
Eagles Nest PGE Contacts id #53
Blackstone gold and pge section facing east
Blackstone X section id # 52
Infill drilling 2010
2010 Infill Drilling id #51
X section looking east
X Section East View id #50
Enhanced ztem inversion x section
Eagles Nest ZTEM id #49
Eagles nest at1 blackbird drill plan
Eagles Nest AT! Blackbird id#48
Eagles nest to at1 to blackbird
Eagles Nest to AT1 to Blackbird id#47
At12 with tmi and sat imagery july 2010
AT12 July 2010 id #46
Eagles nest long section july 15 2010 id 45
Eagles Nest Long Section id #45
Exploration update july 2010 id 43
Exploration Update July 2010 id #43
Enpm41 eagles nest
Eagles Nest Plan Map id #41
At12 id 40
AT 12 Plan Map id #40
Eagles Nest Plan Map id #39
Eagles Nest Plan Map id #35
Its growing
eagle 1 Growing
Rb 0
Eagle One Cross Section
Eagle one drill plan
Eagle One Drill Plan
Tsx not
TSX Venture Top 50
Dr. Mungalls Presentation Model
2009 Exoloration Areas
Google Earth View Of Ring Of Fire
Double eagle anomaly drilling large
Anomaly drilling around Eagle One deposit
Ramp 20080330
Portal 3 apr 2008
Portal 3 apr 2008 long view
Portal - Long View
Double eagle claim1 2008mar
"Ring of Fire" Magnetic Contour Map
Double eagle claim 2008aug8 lowres
Ring of Fire" Claim Map