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Message: NEWS: POET Technologies Extends Exercise Period for Warrants from 2018 Public Offering

"We were hoping to have some really good news to release by mid-July, looks very much like we're not going to make it by then, so we're extending the exercise period till September, by which time we hope we'll have the good news we've been anticipating." 

That’s my take too. And they didn’t extend the warrants by another four months, but just by two. So they seem to be more certain about when the event will occur that they seem to be expecting.

However, I am not sure whether and what role the DenseLight delay might play. The news release would have been an opportunity to give us an update, but no.

I’ll watch Tom’s presentation later this day, but I am not expecting anything spectacular. Still it might give some additional details into one or the other aspect.

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