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Message: NEWS: POET Technologies Extends Exercise Period for Warrants from 2018 Public Offering

Posters here have very vivid imaginations.  Not that any one or more of the imaginative scenarios drawn may not play out, but the simple interpretation of the NR (and the earlier announcement of the initial extension), assuming the good faith of management (which I do, albeit with a dash of TM salesmanship thrown in) is: 

"We were hoping to have some really good news to release by mid-July, looks very much like we're not going to make it by then, so we're extending the exercise period till September, by which time we hope we'll have the good news we've been anticipating."  

Not the news I was hoping to hear, but it was the news I was expecting to hear, or at the very least, not at all surprised to hear.  I felt that from the time of the initial extension and stated it here, in response to those that were so sure that extension meant we'd be over 75 cents by mid-July.

Judging from some of the innovative and bullish explanations of a relatively straightforward NR, I suspect some want to try to get out tomorrow morning (sell their "trading stock") at or near today's closing price and get back in after an anticipated drop in price.

I do hope my northern neighbors are doing very, very much better than us southerners on the Covid front - too many people and too many of them spoiled down here.  And the entire world is going to pay a price for that financially.  My sincere apologies for the shameless, selfish behavior of far too many.

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