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Message: The importance of a proper valuation

Over the years, I think too much emphasis has been placed on share price and not enough on market cap.  Is this company, given it's potential, cheap or expensive at $188 million US?  I think it's cheap.

The price of a share is somewhat meaningless unless you figure in the market cap.  

I think a lot of us have the old $70 Club mentality - wow, 200,000 x $70.  So to think their 200,000 shares will now be only 20,000, and now if we hit $70, well that's only $1.4 mill, what happened to my $14 mill?  

An R/S is non-dilutive.  If the company needs money, then dilution will occur, shall we do that at .70 or at $7, it's the same thing, equally dilutive.  But the thought that an R/S will automatically lead to dilution is not accurate.  

This company has operated fantastically on a shoestring, and for some time; if Suresh thinks it an advantage to raise $25 - $50 mill, then I'm with him, because I trust his vision, much more than the vision of those here who have been wrong so often over the many years. While not a financial guy, Suresh does know what it costs to get where he envisions us getting, and he no doubt wants to move before others catch up from a technical perspective.  

Any such raise will be dilutive, of course, but if it helps us achieve Suresh's vision for the company much faster, then it likely will be very much worth the dilution.  

By the way, it's also dilutive to have to pay guys with a high proportion of stock options rather than be able to dole out higher salaries.


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