Proven plasma torch processes for US military, 3D powders for aircraft engines and solar grade silicon metal for solar industry

TSX Venture Exchange chooses PyroGenesis to be included in the Exclusive TSX Venture 50®

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Thanks for taking the time to provide your comments Peter. I realize that you are limited in what you can reveal, and in fact I appreciate that as I'm of the mind that the nervous nelly shareholders don't need constant appeasing, and that public news should only serve to benefit the company at this point and get enough information into the market to make other companies aware of what Pyrogenesis has to offer. (and I think that has been achieved)

No need to comment on this part, but my read says the Company in its justifiable excitement of discussions with RR garnered the release (with nothing being offside with respect to the NDA or prior discussion with the company), but then the working with one such company publically was seen to perhaps hinder potential leads/discussions with other big players competing against same that may not want a same supplier or at least public acknowledgement of it. I along with others I'm sure look forward to any outcome, as either positive or negative (i.e. no business deal) it will send a message to the market.

I appreciate your recap of the past, and I for one have been following for some time and have been around as a shareholder since 2014, only increasing my position since then, mostly due to the proven achievements and no overpromising by the Company (sans perhaps the cash flow positive timelines over the years). I've bought from 18 cents (now I wish more) up to 70+ cents as I continue to believe in the future. I also appreciate the amount you and family personally have on the line which is another uniqueness to the company and thus reinforces my security with my investment. (as well as lowering the chances of being bought out prematurely for less that full value)

I for one am fine with company silence and only going forward announcing revenue deals (unless other things come up that are deemed material) as I believe enough on the company products and plans are out there right now to help any investor make their decisions.  I'd hate to see non-material information be discussed in those Q&A type releases going forward that would give any competitor insight as to where PYR is planning to go or what it is planning to develop as with some of the other deep pockets out there, we could certainly use the head start and first mover advantage. To me the need for constant releases is only to either appease the nervous nellies that should perhaps invest elsewhere if they need that, or to prop up the share price in anticipated need for financing (which I don't think is in our plans)

Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to provide valuable insight on this forum. I look forward to the company achievements big or small.



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