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Message: I still say accumulation....

I´m on about my 4th or 5th mojito this evening, but having read some of the discussion I can´t resist from chiming in...regardless of my my slighly inebriated state of mind.  

When it comes to the public markets I am about as conspitatorial minded as they come....I have long been convinced that the market machine, by design, is geared towards getting retail players to buy high and sell low....with other players more tapped into that same market machinery doing the opposite, buying low and selling high.  

Alright...so a bunch of us retail mutts (and imo probably at least a few industry hacks) have chimed in with projections of RVX reaching valuations of $10, $20, $40 and sometimes much more....that started with the stock trading at about $3.....now its a little higher.

But how does a stock get from $3 or so to $10, $20, $40+?  It could happen that one day we wake up to find Pfizer or some other BP player has offered $10 billion for Apabetalone or maybe the whole company.  But barring that, often a stock has to go through stages....especially if there are players trying very hard to accumulate shares by getting weak retail hands to let go.

So we had some cheeseball front loading newsletter service hyping RVX....and then an article in StockGumshoe for those intrigued but who didn´t want to subscribe to Blanco´so newsletter....whoop dee doo.

This is my opinion....I am putting it down to simple market fun and games.  Some might be conviced that Resverlogix is now nothing more than a Pump N´ Dump.....oh well, maybe they´re right, maybe not.  

I honestly believe that this is just more noise, like the ¨proposed¨ share offering back in April....more noise imo to convince retail sellers to bail out....and if some do, I don´t care...anyone buying over the past 5 years, they should be up at least some and if you sell for more than you bought at you won.

Cursiously the StockGumshoe article referenced a Seeking Alpha article...

And “Seeking Alpha calls the stock ‘A Billion-Dollar Blockbuster in the Making.'”

Uhm....news flash, that wasn´t Seeking Alpha....I wrote that, it was an instablog post that´s only been viewed about 500 times since I wrote it back in August....


The whole thing imo...again just my opinion, but the whole thing to me smells of an effort to get retail investors thinking RVX is a PnD, which I do not believe it is....2 out of 3 is not enough....

If I´m right hang on tight.....the fun is just starting.

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