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Message: Is volume going to turn the corner?

gac, thanks for the perspective and for what it is worth that would be my observation as well not as it pertains to the average American (really there is no average other than broad cultural comparisons) but I do believe their investment pool is probably disproportionately larger than the 10:1 population ratio between the 2 countries.

Hence, as I've posted over the years, while a NASDAQ listing may not boost share price directly there would be many more eyes with deep, high risk pockets to dive into this stock and perhaps bring far more business and scientific profile to this hidden jem.

Don is not using the stock market as a source of funds so until there is a breahthrough on the science we retail types just sit and wait.

Likewise I believe the same applies to Zenith. Lots of unrealized potential for retail shareholders.

Also, a NASDAQ would probably perk up institutional investors in Canada because it would be a huge credibility boost IMHO.



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