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Congratulations to Constellation Pharmaceuticals.    Looks like the American company has eaten Don’s lunch by playing a much more effective game in the area Don kept saying he had a multi year lead!!!   You still saying that Don?  I haven’t heard that well worn line in a while.

Looks like the American company is much better at the business side of things.  Rvx has been a real bomb.  At least they can say “we are still not as pathetic as BTI!!!”   Lol

I’m seriously considering moving my investment over to the epigenetics segment leader. They seem to execute well despite starting out much later.   Theutime to abandon LoserLogix was many years ago.  

Rvx has a reputation of failures over many years.   And a reputation for ignoring investors.   Exception being Sarah, who was always pleasant to chat with.

After 13 years I’m willing to say Resverlogix sucks.    



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