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Message: Trial Status

So this valuable information (for me) along with the link provided by DebKcardsPA were all knowledge that a CEO with 20 years of biotech experience and a number of trials under his belt would have or should have been fully aware of back in February when a certain CEO was telling us how easy it would be to get 100 Covid patients and that the field work might run into April? It is now July 21 and recruiting has not started to my knowledge.

I'm pretty miffed.

The first impression I was struck by at the June 22 2021 AGM was that Don was more contrite and he was even thanking his employees. I immediately thought that he had received a warning about his abuse of forward looking statements. I don't know if this happened but his tone was different. I don't think a warning would have come from securities regulators in Canada. It would most likely come from a shareholder with a legal or governance background or perhaps even Eversana is requiring a new, more honest standard.

Anyway, this is pure speculation on my part so I need to calm down because it doesn't matter much anymore. I just needed to vent a bit. It is what it is and it is not going to change.

I'm still betting we'll get to trial at some point and the science will rule.

Also, thanks for the excellent "summing up of events" tada. It really helps an old guy like me put things in perspective. Hey, it's just money.   :)



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