Real-Time Flight Tracking Technology And Ruggedized Flat Panel displays

Clients include: Commercial airlines and operators, Defense aerospace companies

Star Navigation Systems Profile

Real-Time Flight Tracking Technology And Ruggedized Flat Panel displays



  • System installed on a major private operator in the Mid-East has been operating for more than one year now
    • Discussions are being finalized to expand the installation of the STAR solution of real-time monitoring to the rest of the customers’ fleet.
  • A contract for 5 aircraft installations with a scheduled flights airline in Egypt has been implemented.
  • AlMasria Universal Airlines decided to proceed with the installation of two additional Systems on recently acquired aircraft
  • Production of 27 STAR-A.D.S.® System units has commenced in order to meet ongoing requirements.
  • Granted new Supplemental Type Certification by Transport Canada
    • The STC relates to the use of the STAR-A.D.S. ® Gen 3 system on an Airbus A320 aircraft type
  • Entered into a partnership and industrial agreement with ANTAZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd
    • A well-established Indian company with facilities in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi, India, Antaz will adapt, integrate and market STAR products to the Indian Defence Forces (Air Force and Navy) in collaboration with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited


  • STAR M.M.I.™ Division (displays), continues to service, repair and offer case-by case new unit build for legacy LCD panels for Lockheed Martin (P3 aircraft), Northrop Grumman, and Blue Aerospace. Star qualified for these activities as a stable, long-term and direct offsets (Industrial Regional Benefit “IRB”) provider to these main US based integrators.
  • STAR-ISAMM™ and STAR-LSAMM™ systems have generated a rapid and growing interest in the North American market.
  • Distribution and Sales agreement with AMS Heli Design has been signed, with the first contract covering 6 installations on EMS helicopters awaiting final approval by the end customer.


  • STAR-ISAMM™ presentations have been made targeting Canadian Defense retrofit programs.
  • Star has received a high level of interest from the military industry and market segments.
  • Two applications have been submitted to the Federal and Provincial governments for Research and Development funding covering mid-2019 to end of 2021.

Applications include:

  • Tactical displays
  • Radar warning devices
  • Navigational displays
  • Maintenance, Mission & Instrumentation Systems
  • Field communication systems
  • Tactical portable computer display units




Satellite Flight Tracking:

  • Real-time flight tracking of the aircraft with embedded independent GPS;
  • Displays current latitude, longitude, speed, altitude and heading of the aircraft at customized time intervals;
  • Geo-fencing and real-time alerts

Satellite Voice/Text Communication:

  • Two-way reliable voice communication;
  • Two-way text messaging between the aircraft and ground;
  • Back-up emergency SOS/Distress communication platform

STAR V-trk

Cost Effective Real-Time Flight Tracking
Provides the aviation industry with cost effective real-time flight tracking starting from 5 second intervals with a true global coverage using Iridium satellite constellation.

The system at a minimum provides real-time situational awareness along with

  • Lat, Long coordinates
  • Ground speed
  • Heading
  • Altitude
  • Tail number
V-trk image
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