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That at any given time 200-300 planes can be off the grid when flying and no-one knows where they are?

In an era in which GPS can easily track dogs, trains and automobiles, the world has a right to ask: Why are our plane tracking systems not the strongest of all?

The Malaysian Air Flight 370 and Air France 447 disasters showed the world the weakness in plane monitoring systems and the strong need for a real solution. 

 30 BILLION PROJECT: LOI with LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority to Track Trucks, Trains and Boats in Eastern Africa's Largest Infrastructure Project

Recent Highlight

  • Letter of Intent with Renegade Air for the STAR-ISMS In-Flight Safety Monitoring Systems for 9 Aircraft in Kenya
  • Letter of Intent with Aero Contractors for the STAR-ISMS (In-Flight Safety Monitoring Systems) for 10 Aircraft in Nigeria
  •  Announced That It Has Successfully Been Re-certified Under AS9100 Rev "D" Quality Systems Renewal Audit 
  • Letter of Intent for Purchase of STAR-ISMS ("In-Flight Safety Monitoring Systems") for 7 Aircraft in Kenya with Safe Air Company and Brent Global
  • Announced the signing of a Sales Agreement with Astral Aviation for purchase of the STAR-ISMS®.
  • Letter of Intent with Fly540 for the STAR-ISMS®  In-Flight Safety Monitoring System for 3 aircraft in Kenya
  • Letter of Intent With Pinnacle Air for the Purchase of the STAR-ISMS Of In-Flight Safety Monitoring Systems for 5 Charter Jets in India
  • Conditional Purchase Order from Swiss Aviation Group AG, consists of 9 Star A.D.S ® units, to be delivered to 4 different airlines.
  • Integrated Sales, Marketing and Training Agreement: Accessing over 160 new FPI customers, MRO and OEM relationships 




  • Improved Cost Efficiencies – Profitability
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions – Environmental Sustainability
  • Improve Operational Safety
  • Flight Safety Analysis
  • Compliance with Mandatory Regulation of Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS)
  • Live - Flight Data Tracking/Analysis (Live FDA) o Flight location, heading, speed and altitude every 30 seconds o Customizable aircraft engine parameters
  • Live/Pro-Active Aircraft Health Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Fuel Management Systems/Fuel Optimization
  • Engine Condition Monitoring (“ECM”)
  • Flight Operations Quality Assurance (“FOQA”) Analytics
  • Aircraft Exceedance Detection and Warning
  • Immediate End of Flight Report upon the completion of each flight

 Star Navigation leverages "LIVE FLIGHT DATA ANALYTICS”

The most important reason is SAFFETY.

Safety being the most important aspect of aviation, live tracking gives the ability to see aircraft’s exact position, altitude, heading, speed, bank angle, angel of attack and more. This allows to make sure the aircraft is safe and on a correct planned path.

STAR-A.D.S system is a solution for your GADSS mandated requirement provided by Star Navigation, a flight sciences company. Not only a GADSS solution but much more with fuel optimization, carbon calculations for fuel burn (carbon credits), and more. Your one stop shop for aircraft monitoring and tracking.





Is focused on live aircraft health monitoring and aircraft in distress detection.  A cosmic radiation detection solution is available for business jets flying at high altitudes to protect onboard avionics and pilot/passenger health from harmful cosmic rays. Patient health and medevac transport tracking is available to improve data communication between transport vehicles and health centers.

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