Revolutionizing MULTI-BILLION Home / online Fitness Market

Retail Distribution Agreement With Best Buy Stores in Canada

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“Revolutionizing The $9.5 Billion Home Fitness Market”


“TUT Fitness has created better portability and convenience for home gym training with its stackable resistance band plates and TUT Gym Trainer. The resistance bands maximize the amount of work being done through the Time Under Tension, resulting in increased work and variable training.”


Carl Bergstrom: Head Performance Coach Golden State Warriors






TUT has designed and patented one of the world’s smallest, lightest, most affordable high performance portable home gyms that can be assembled and disassembled in minutes and used almost anywhere.

  • One of the only publicly listed home gym companies (GYM:TSXV)
  • Targeting the $USD 9.5 Billion global home exercise equipment market and on-line fitness market.
  • Market expected to be $USD 30 Billion by 2026.
  • One of the most compact, smallest footprint multi-functional home gyms (250+ exercises)
  • Retail Distribution Agreement With Best Buy Stores in Canada
  • Diverse revenue model combining hardware and digital app recurring revenue targeting the $30 billion Online Fitness Market (*
  • Advisors include Carl Bergstrom, Head Performance Coach, Golden State Warriors
  • SponsorING Cynthia Appiah member of Canada’s Olympic Bobsled team
  • Opportunity for global expansion, extending its manufacturing and OEM licensing business



Everyone wants to get fit but most people struggle with the following problems:

  • Finding Time To Exercise - Getting to a gym just isn’t practical.
  • The Rising Cost Of Home Gyms - This is a major problem in these challenging times when financial priorities are set for matters other than exercising.  
  • Size Weight And Functionality - Most people just don’t have the space for bulky and heavy home fitness equipment. home gym users. What if there was an affordable, efficient and effective way to do so. TUT Fitness has you covered.



  • Vancouver-based Canadian manufacturer of high-performance fitness products
  • Designed and patented one of the most affordable, smallest and lightweight home gym equipment 
  • Takes up less than 2 feet of space and can be used anywhere
  • Stackable resistance band plates replace bulky metal weights.
  • Lightweight design allows for almost anyone to assemble and disassemble in minutes. 
  • Access to more than 250 exercises
  • Becoming a leading home gym company and provider of high-performance and affordable fitness products global



  • Industry first stackable resistance bands (TUT Plates) allows any user to increase and decrease weight easily and effortlessly
  • increase or decrease resistance loads in 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40 lb. increments and up to 200 lbs of resistance.
  • The “TUT Trainer” and “TUT Rower” are the revolutionary products that allow for strength and conditioning exercises that target all muscle groups using Time Under Tension.
  • Weight of the TUT Trainer is 11.6 pounds and TUT Rower 21.6 pounds
  • Taking up less than 2 sq. feet 
  • TUT’s flagship products, the TUT Trainer and TUT Rower, are more compact and affordable than other home gym alternatives
  • The product allows users to avoid any added pressure on joints and tendons.
  • TUT Training App: with purchase of the TUT Trainer customers are able to use the fitness app that tracks progress, monitor body statistics (heart rate, weight, etc.) and produces custom workouts with world class instructors for its users.
  • Progress photos can be posted as well with a place to track meal plans.


Live Look of TUT Trainer in a Living Room


Business Development


  • TUT Fitness Group signs global partnership agreement with CENTRED wellness community
  • The agreement will promote TUT Fitness Group as a featured fitness brand to a private marketplace of 57 million affluent consumers of health & wellness product
  • Purchasers of TUT exercise equipment will also receive a free, lifetime membership to the CENTRED community and concierge service
  • Signed a Vendor Master Agreement with Best Buy Canada
  • TUT Fitness Group Wins Four New Patents Throughout Europe
  • TUT Fitness Group Launches 'Preferred Affiliate' Sales Program Online
  • TUT Fitness Group Signs Retail Distribution Agreement With Best Buy Stores in Canada 



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