Creating Value Through Delineation of Base and Precious Metal Resources in Peru

Also recently acquired Canadian Arrow Mines assets which includes two Ontario-based nickel-copper-(cobalt) properties

Message: Demand For Nickel And Cobalt To Grow In Electrification Supercycle
Gold & precious metals, silver, wealth protection, bullion storage

Shift to electric vehicles (EV) is very real and growing stronger every year.

Challenges exist but will be addressed by 2022.

Likely lithium-ion battery composition for mass adoption.

Nickel sulphate and cobalt are key components for lithium-ion batteries.

Expect cobalt and nickel sulphate prices to  spike if supply does not meet demand.

We had the privilege to speak with Matt Bohlsen who is a veteran contributor at Seeking Alpha. Some of the trends Matt follows include electric vehicles, lithium/cobalt/nickel/copper miners, renewable energy, autonomous vehicles and energy storage. He has 30 years of personal investing experience, and 17 years of professional financial advising experience. As a global investor, Matt uses a macro thematic approach searching for good value and/or high growth. He hosts a marketplace service called Trend Investing on Seeking Alpha.

SBTV: How real and how big is the trend of shifting from petrol/diesel engine vehicles (EV) to electric vehicles globally?

MB: The trend/shift to EVs is very real and growing stronger every year. For example, global EV sales finished 2016 at 774,000 for the year, up 40% on the prior year, and representing 0.85% of the global market share of new car sales. In 2017, total year sales ended at a record 1,223,000, up 58% on 2016, and reaching 1.4% market share. Electric car sales continue to set new records in Q1 2018, with sales up 59% on last year.

By end 2017, electric car sales had reached a 2% global market share. Usually, once a trend goes beyond 1% market share then it will continue and accelerate. The graph below gives a nice summary. The trend to EVs can in many ways be as big and as rapid as the Internet trend. In fact, it could be bigger given most people in the world like to have a vehicle or use a shared vehicle to move from A to B.


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