Message: Would new drilling at Clan Lake be a good idea now?

Back now from a lengthy family reconnection visit in the UK, it was great though the weather was frigid. Need to get oriented again now and learn to drive on the right side of the road.

Lots happened in the PM sector while I was away of course, most often I had no computer access so it was agonizing to say the least to watch the carnage at a distance. But carnage it was, blood in the streets as Baires has said, but TDC remained only a little affected by it, which speaks well of the commitment of insiders to supporting the share price and creating a future for this little stock. Since TDC's FS is premised on a max gold assumption of $1400 imo I think it also demonstrates both their conviction that gold will come to rest at more than $1400/oz, and their belief that financing will be found. The project is certainly viable at lower gold prices, too, but whoever is behind Canaccord and other buyers certainly has a lot of determination which speaks well for future development of the mine.

Once again today Canaccord raised the SP to .07 for no loss on the day to us when other stocks were being mauled by the lingering fear trade. In the end gold only went down $5.30, and the TSX.V was overall up on the day slightly, so good. Ike

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