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Wataire International Inc. Profile
Watair International Inc. (OTC BB: WATR) is a well-established developer, manufacturer and distributor of Atmospheric Water Generation technology. Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) provide the most cost-effective solution to the global shortage of drinking water by extracting water from air and turning it into clean, healthy drinking water. Since 2001, Wataire has been developing, manufacturing and commercializing breakthrough products for water filtration and water generation.  
More precious than oil, yet routinely wasted, water is arguably the world's most pressing resource issue. If not today, then tomorrow is fast approaching. The world’s water crisis has created a significant opportunity for profit. Wataire International is ready and well positioned to benefit financially with its patented and pending patent Atmospheric Water Generator "AWG“ products and technologies.   Wataire has a distinct potential to become the dominant AWG manufacturer and distributor globally, with a revolutionary, proven air-to-water technology now rolling out with large and immediate global applications.
Global water consumption has risen exponentially since 1900, and many parts of the world are now exceeding the limits of their supply. World population is expected to increase by 45% in the next thirty years; UNESCO has predicted that by 2020, the safe drinking water shortage will be the most critical of Nature’s global problems. The European Union has warned the world that it is in a “global water crisis” and made the issue a priority for the World Summit on Sustainable Development.  
European Union Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstrom stated, “The global water crisis is a major threat to sustainable development, to economic development, to poverty reduction, to the environment, and to peace and security.”
Wataire technology transforms available water vapor from air humidity into great tasting drinking water by using refrigeration methods that increases the dynamics of condensing water vapor.  Wataire’s AWG Machines continuously simulates the “dew point” allowing water to be collected even in low humidity conditions. Air is drawn through a specially designed filter that removes dust and purifies the air. The condensed water is then collected and passed through ultraviolet light to kill any bacteria. In the final stage, the water passes through a one micron sediment filter followed a high quality carbon filter, which enhances the water’s taste.
There are many other methods of creating potable water from other sources. These methods include chlorination, distillation, reverse-osmosis, oxygenation, and water ionization. However, all of these treatments use water sourced from the ground, which is in decreasing supply and treatment can be costly. Through the use of its proprietary atmospheric water generators (AWG) together with patent pending water treatment technologies, Wataire literally creates clean drinking water “out of thin air.” There is an unlimited supply of humidity that is continuously created in various climatic zones. Using Wataire’s proprietary technology, this water vapor is captured, filtered and turned into clean drinking water.

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