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Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico - Yamana is targeting sustainable gold production of 2.2 M oz of gold by 2012.


BREAKING:  Hollister Biosciences Provides Update on Q2 2020, Generated Record Quarterly Revenue of CDN$ 11.5 Million

  • CDN$ 1.375 million in EBITDA
  • Bureau of Cannabis Control officially renewed its cannabis distribution license for the next year through August 2021
  • "We are very pleased with our revenue growth year to date.  Sales of cannabis related products have proven to be resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  We hope to continue to deliver strong results as the year progresses" stated Carl Saling, CEO.

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Yamana Gold Management

Board of Directors


Board of Directors
Peter Marrone, Chairman*
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Yamana Gold Inc.

(Director since: 2003)
Education: Faculty Scholar, Bachelor of Law
Work Experience: Peter previously was the Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Investment Banking at Canaccord Capital, and prior to which he was partner at Cassels, Brock & Blackwell practicing securities law

Patrick Mars, Lead Director
Lead Director and President, P.J. Mars Investments Limited

(Director since: 2005)
Other Boards: SAGE Gold (Chairman), Central Sun, Endeavour Mining Capital, Aura Minerals, Carpathian Gold, First Point Minerals, Manicouagan Minerals, Selwyn Resources
Education: Chartered Financial Analyst
Work Experience: Patrick previously acted as Chairman and director of First Marathon Securities (UK) and then director of NBC Financial (UK). Patrick has over 40 years experience in the finance industry
Yamana Committees: Audit, Sustainability and Corporate Governance and Nominating (Chair)

John Begeman, Director
President, Chief Executive Officer, Valencia Ventures Inc.

(Director since: 2007)
Other Boards: Premier Goldmines
Work Experience: John was Vice President, Western Operations and Vice President of Goldcorp, prior to which John was Mine Superintendent, Mine Manager and General Manager of Wharf Resources and Golden Reward Mines
Yamana Committees: Sustainability (Chair)

Richard Graff, Director

(Director since: 2007)
Other Boards: Dynamic Materials
Education: Undergraduate Degree (Economics), Post-graduate degree (Accounting)
Work Experience: Richard was Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers as the audit leader for the mining industry
Yamana Committees: Audit

Robert Horn, Director
Private Investor

(Director since: 2007)
Other Boards: Skye Resources, FinMetal Mining
Education: Bachelor of Science (Honors) – Geology, Master of Science – Geology
Work Experience: Robert was Vice President, Exploration for Inco, FMC Gold and BP Canada
Yamana Committees: Sustainability

Nigel Lees, Director
President and Chief Executive Officer of SAGE Gold and President of C.N. Lees Investments Limited

(Director since: 2005)
Other Boards: URSA Major Minerals, Hawk Uranium
Work Experience: Nigel was President and Chief Executive Officer of Sunblush Technologies
Yamana Committees: Audit and Compensation (Chair)

Juvenal Mesquita Filho, Director
Private Investor

(Director since: 2003)
Other Boards: Vaaldiam Resources, Santa Elina Mines Corporation
Work Experience: Juvenal currently is the President of Mineração Santa Elina S/A, as well as a director of Santa Elina Mines Corporation since September 1994.

Carl Renzoni, Director
Private Investor

(Director since: 2007)
Education: Bachelor of Science (Honors) – Geology
Work Experience: Managing Director, BMO Nesbitt Burns, and former Director of Peru Copper and International Molybdenum. He has over 30 years experience specializing in the mining industry.

Antenor Silva, Director*
President, Yamana Gold Inc.

(Director since: 2003)
Education: Bachelor of Science (Mining and Metallurgical Engineering)
Work Experience: Antenor was Chief Operating Officer of Santa Elina Mines and has approximately 40 years of experience in the mining and chemical industries and has gained experience in senior management at various engineering, mining, petroleum and chemical companies.

Dino Titaro, Director
President and Chief Executive Officer, Carpathian Gold Inc.

(Director since: 2007)
Other Boards: Plata Peru Resources, Richview Resources
Past Work Experience: Dino was President and Chief Executive Officer of A.C.A. Howe International
Yamana Committees: Compensation, Sustainability, and Corporate Governance and Nominating

* Non-independent Board Members

Peter Marrone
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Antenor Silva

Charles Main
Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Ludovico Costa
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Darcy Marud
Senior Vice President, Exploration

Evandro Cintra
Senior Vice President, Technical Services

Greg McKnight
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Jacqueline Jones
Senior Vice President, Legal, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Nelson Munhoz
Vice President, Operations, Brazil

Ricardo Palma
Vice President, Country Manager, Chile

Arão Portugal
Vice President, Country Manager, Brazil

Hernan Vera
Vice President, Country Manager, Argentina

Ana Lucia Martins
Vice President, Safety, Health, Environment and Community

Jodi Peake
Vice President, Public and Investor Relations

Betty Soares
Vice President, Corporate Controller

Sofia Tsakos
Vice President, Corporate Counsel

Jason LeBlanc

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