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BREAKING: Esports Entertainment Group Releases Upgraded VIE.GG Esports Gambling Platform

  • Announced the release of the latest version of VIE.gg (https://vie.gg)  the Company’s esports wagering platform
  • Latest upgrade delivers notable new features, including additional betting options such as Fixed Odds, Pari-mutuel, Fantasy and Pool Betting to complement main P2P option
  • Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainment Group, stated "This is another major milestone for our Company. This is our strongest release ever, with every new feature esports gambling enthusiasts could wish for in a platform..."
Message: INTERVIEW: ZEN Graphene Sees Commercialization Commencing Q1 2020

In less than 18 months, Francis Dube and his team took over management of ZEN Graphene Solutions (ZEN:TSXV) and accelerated it from stuck in the mud to on the brink of commercializing graphene for real world applications.  That’s right. ZEN believes it will begin selling small quantities but extremely high priced graphene to Q1 2020, including Graphene Quantum Dots that sell for outrageous $$ / gram … PER GRAM … let alone Kilograms.  

How much?  Watch the interview where you will also hear about the company’s new graphene R&D + small-scale graphene processing and production facility in Guelph, Ontario.  Moreover, you’ll hear about the Company’s success in producing graphene oxide while reducing chemical consumption by up to 100X compared to current methods, as well as, reducing the price of production.

If you’ve been waiting years for graphene production to become a reality … who hasn’t … your wait looks like it’s about to come to end and the good times are about to begin.

Grab your favourite beverage, watch this powerful interview and then spread the word.

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