Over $590 million in sales to the North American marketplace

Manufacturer of composite building materials used in place of traditional wood or plastic products

Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies Management

Joe Brooks

Chairman & CEO

In July 2005, Joe Brooks became chief executive officer. He holds both BS and MS degrees from the University of Arkansas where he was a member of Alpha Zeta and Gamma Sigma Delta honor societies. Mr. Brooks founded AERT and has served as president or in other executive office capacities and has been a director since the Company’s inception in December 1988, including service as chairman and CEO from inception until August 1993. He was a member of Clean Texas 2000, appointed by then Governor George W. Bush in 1995. Mr. Brooks is a listed inventor on 13 of the Company’s patents with additional patents pending.

Tim Morrison


Mr. Morrison is a former senior executive with a number of prestigious manufacturing companies including: Valspar Corporation, OCI Chemical and Harris Chemical Group. Tim comes to AERT with a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama, an MBA from the University of Southern California, and training in both Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Tim began his career with Dow Chemical in the hydrocarbons and polyethylene group in 1981 as a Process Engineer. He progressed to Plant Manager before moving to Harris Chemical Group as an equity partner where he led operations, purchasing, and logistics. Most recently he was Site Manager for Valspar’s Texas Division in manufacturing.

Steve Brooks


Steve Brooks became chief operating officer in July 2005. Mr. Brooks is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and has served as CEO and chairman of the board of Razorback Farms, Inc. from January 1996 to the present. Razorback Farms is a Springdale, Arkansas based firm that specializes in vegetable processing. Mr. Brooks also serves on the board of the Ozark Food Processors Association.

J. Douglas Brooks

Senior Vice President

J. Douglas Brooks has served as executive vice-president from inception to September 2003, has been in charge of raw material sourcing and strategic relationships since 1998, and has been a senior vice president since September 2003. Mr. Brooks was vice-president of plastics from 1995 through 1998, was previously project manager for AERT’s polyethylene recycling program with The Dow Chemical Company, and is a joint inventor on several of AERT’s process patents for recycling polyethylene film for composites.

Al Drinkwater

Senior Vice President

Alford Drinkwater has served as senior vice president of logistics, laboratories, and plastic operations since September 2003. Prior to joining the Company in May 2000, Mr. Drinkwater had been the Assistant Director for the Established Industries Division of the Arkansas Department of Economic Development and was on the Advocacy Team from November 1988 until January 2000. From September 1986 until July 1988, he owned and operated Town and Country Waste Services, Inc. a waste services company engaging in the development of waste recycling, energy recovery, and disposal systems. From April 1981 until January 1987, Mr. Drinkwater was the Resource Recovery Manager for Metropolitan Trust Company, and was primarily involved in waste-to-energy systems development. From July 1974 until April 1981, Mr. Drinkwater worked for the State of Arkansas as Assistant to the Chief of the Solid Waste Control Division of the Arkansas Department of Pollution Control & Ecology and as the Manager of the Biomass and Resource Recovery Program of the Arkansas Department of Energy.

Jim Precht

Senior Vice President — Sales and Marketing

Jim Precht served as executive vice-president of sales and marketing for the Company since February 2001, and as senior vice president since September 2003. Mr. Precht was formerly general manager of Weyerhaeuser Building Materials’ Pittsburgh Customer Service Center with 32-years of industry experience.

Marty Reynolds

Senior Vice President – Administration

Marty Reynolds has been with AERT since July 2005, and has served as Business Manager, General Manager, and as Senior Vice President of Administration since January 2008. Mr. Reynolds came to AERT from Tyson Foods, Inc. with a BS in Finance from the University of Arkansas.

Tim LeDuc

Senior Vice President – Operations

Tim LeDuc came to AERT in April 2006 with over 15 years of Senior Management experience in Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, and Strategic Planning & Execution. He is a Registered Professional Engineer with BS degrees in Mechanical and Civil Engineering and an MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of Alabama at Huntsvillle.

Brent Gwatney

Vice President – Sales

Mr. Gwatney joined AERT in October 2007 as the National Sales Manager for MoistureShield® sales. He brings to AERT over 14 years of operations and sales management and leadership in the composite industry and has both national and international sales experience. He attended the Carlson School of Management and Strategic Planning at the University of Minnesota. In August 2008, he was promoted to Vice President of MoistureShield Sales.

Eric E. Barnes

Chief Accounting Officer and Controller

Eric E. Barnes, who the board of directors appointed as chief accounting officer in September 2005, also heads up the AERT accounting and control team. Mr. Barnes joined AERT’s accounting department in November 1997 after graduating from the University of Arkansas with a BS in Accounting and an MA in Economics. He was named AERT’s controller in January 2000. Mr. Barnes is a Certified Public Accountant.

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