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Consolidation Services Inc. Management
Cnsv thomas

Johnny Thomas

President & CEO

Johnny R. Thomas is an entrepreneur and investor, founding several public companies. The business interests include agricultural (seed and farming interest), real estate development and environmental and medical sensor technologies. Johnny, through Falcon Financial Group LLC has assisted companies in educational software and media with financing and/or assistance in becoming public companies through a merger with public shell companies.

In 1994 to early 1999, Johnny was a co-founder, Director, President & CEO of AgriBioTech Inc. (“ABT”). Management of ABT grew the Company’s annual revenue from $29,000 to almost $400,000,000; increasing its shareholder base from 50 to about 22,000 and reaching a market cap of over one billion dollars. The company became the sixth largest seed company in the world and the largest company serving the forage and turf grass seed sector. ABT was developing a strong biotech program under his leadership.
Johnny won the “Entrepreneur of the year” award from Ernst & Young LLP/NASDAQ in 1998 for the Southern Nevada/Riverside, California area for the successes in ABT.

In 1986 to 1994, Dr. Thomas was a co-founder, Director, President & CEO of FiberChem Inc., engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of fiber optic chemical sensors for environmental monitoring. The company traded on NASDAQ. Dr. Thomas negotiated a contract with Texas Instruments to develop a chip manufacturing process for the sensors and retained an experienced management team before pursuing ABT’s business plan.

In 1983, Johnny was a co-founder of RadTech Inc., a publicly traded company engaged in the research and development of innovative radiation based technologies. RadTech Inc. raised $4 million in IPO. RadTech was sold in 1986 to a different management team.

Falcon Financial Group LLC was founded by Johnny Thomas and John Francis to assist companies in financing and trading in public markets. Falcon Financial Group has assisted two companies in this capacity. Wasatch Interactive Learning, an educational software company, was financed and merged into a shell company. Winsonic Digital Media Group Ltd. (WDMG) a digital media company was assisted with its financing needs as it transitions from a development stage company to a profitable operating company.

Dr. Thomas designs and builds a limited number of high-end custom homes with his wife, Helen. A real estate project in Honduras, owned by John Francis and Johnny Thomas is currently at an early stage of development. Dr. Thomas continues to own farms in New Mexico, growing primarily alfalfa hay and corn silage.

Dr, Thomas obtained a B.S. degree in agronomy from New Mexico State University and a Masters and PHD in genetics/plant breeding from Oregon State University in 1965 and 1966. Dr. Thomas served as a commercial plant breeder and a research director from 1966-1976, before returning to his farms in N.M. and beginning entrepreneurial activities.

Johnny lives in Henderson, Nevada with his wife Helen. They enjoy playing golf, tennis, hiking and travel. Helen has a Masters degree in electrical engineering and is an artist (www.sereneartllc.com). They provide ten to fifteen college scholarships each year in Oregon and New Mexico. Johnny has four children, ten grand children and one great grand child.

Cnsv francis

John Francis

Co-Founder & Director

John C. Francis is an entrepreneur, investor and founder, director and executive officer of several publicly traded and privately-held companies in diverse businesses including medical technologies, environmental technologies, agricultural technologies, media, export/import and real estate. John’s business experience spans more than thirty-five years.

John has been a co-founder, Director and Officer of Consolidation Services, Inc., (OTCBB:”CNSV”), since its formation in January 2007. The company was formed to acquire companies operating in the food services sector.

John has also been a co-founder, has served as a Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of Native American Television Network, Inc. (“NATV”), since its formation on May 21, 2004. NATV has entered into an agreement with the Navajo Nation to develop the Dine Language Channel. The Dine Language Channel will be aired to the 320,000 tribal members living on and off the Navajo Nation.

Prior to this position, John is a co-founder and serves as a managing member of Acalan, LLC, a new media company specializing in the development, production and distribution of transformational media since its formation in 1998.

Since January 2000, John has also been a co-founder and managing member of Falcon Financial Group, LLC, a privately held company engaged in providing assistance and advice to private companies on capital formation, corporate governance and introductions to investment banking firms.

John has also served as President and CEO of Hunapu, Inc., which was a “blank check” development stage company. Hunapu, Inc. entered into a reverse-merger with Informedix, Inc. in 2003, which enabled Informedix to gain access to the public financial markets and commercializing its flagship product, the Med-eMonitor System. Informedix is listed on the OTC:BB stock exchange as: IFMX.

From 1994 to early 1999 John was a co-founder, Director, and Vice-President of investor relations of AgriBioTech, Inc. AgriBioTech, Inc. was a start-up company engaged in the research, production and distribution in all significant forage and cool-season turf grass species. AgriBioTech became the sixth largest seed company in the world with revenues exceeding $370 million and as a publicly traded company reached a market cap in excess of $1 billion.

Early in his career, John served as governing director of Carey & Shaw, Ltd., a Hong Kong based, export/import company that manufactured plastics and candles for export to the United States and Canada. After selling the business to a group of Chinese investors, John returned to the United States and began investing in a variety of start-up companies. It was during this period that John became involved in a variety of privately held companies including minerals exploration, as well as innovative medical and agricultural technologies.

In 1983, John became involved as a co-founder, Director and CFO of RadTech, Inc., a publicly-traded, technology company engaged in the research and development of innovative radiation based technologies. RadTech, Inc. raised $4 million in an IPO. John negotiated for one of the first licenses granted under the federal technology transfer program with national laboratories.

Upon the sale of RadTech, Inc., in 1986, John became a co-founder, director and executive officer of FiberChem, Inc., a start-up company engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of fiber optic chemical sensors for environmental monitoring. FiberChem was a publicly traded company.

John attended New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico and the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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