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Message: JB's Offer to us in his interveiw

Has anyone considered JB's offer in his interveiw to call him and see if we can gather some information from him?(information within SEC rules of course which I don't actually know the specifics of) Something as simple as maybe "When do you plan to go back to feildwork and what more is there to do in the feild?" All I know is that every time a question is asked directly to the company I do learn more about the current position of the company. I personally have considered calling but am yet to decided whether that would be worth either of out time. It's not even about my investment at this point, I'm excited just for the sake of the company. I've been invested for a long time just like a lot of you have and it's crazy how much I just enjoy hearing information about this company.


Also hi, this is my first post on here but I have been on agoracom and been keeping up with the forum so it's nice to finally talk to all of you!

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