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President’s Statement

December 10, 2018

Dear Fellow Shareholders:

The changes to Liberty Star’s management structure made by the Board last Friday are a strong statement of the Board’s expectations for the Company’s future.  At the foundation of those expectations, and the core driving force for their advancement, is creation and growth of Shareholder value.  On this point, the Board was explicit and emphatic.

Applying such a directive to an enterprise like Liberty Star invokes far broader implications as well, magnifying the importance of its achievement.  Discovery, development and placement into the stream of commerce new sources of the base components of modern industry create new economic activity which multiplies in its inertial impact as it ripples throughout all levels of our society, creating jobs and opportunity not only for the current generation, but its progeny for many decades to come.  In business, there is no nobler cause.  I am honored and humbled as the recipient of such a profound mandate.  But, to move forward requires the coordinated contribution of many skilled and visionary people.

First, we must all acknowledge Jim Briscoe for his many prior contributions to Liberty Star and the indispensable thread his expertise represents to the management team’s ability to discern and construct the fabric of the Company’s future.  Just as important is the acuity of foresight others on the management team bring to bear on decisions to maximize progress toward our collective goals.

We should all be excited about the potential of Liberty Star’s flagship project, Hay Mountain, which has to be the genesis of our great mission.  The global demand for copper and other minerals continues to grow.  Technological advances only create further uses for these base commodities by innovative application in the service of ever-increasing populations and elevating worldwide standards of living.  We believe Liberty Star can be an essential contributor to this future.  But, to survive and take our rightful place in it we must find our footing from which to thrust our presence into the oft-unfocussed field of vision of the public marketplace.

The management team and I will work assiduously on your behalf to stabilize and improve Liberty Star’s financial condition and seek out strategic partnerships to leverage the Company’s ability to scale up and bring Hay Mountain online.  We are optimistic about the Company’s growth potential and its future for meeting the increasing world-wide demands for copper and other minerals we expect to round out Liberty Star’s portfolio.

Thank you all, Liberty Star’s Shareholders, for your support as the team works to develop a plan to improve the Company’s cash position and achieve improvement in Shareholder value.  I look forward to meeting each of you at our next Shareholder meeting.


Brett I. Gross


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